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Taipei 101 Tower, Taiwan /// VinjatekLife Tactics is a series of compact posts about my methods, tricks and hacks for everyday life, professional trades and mentality.

You can’t change the world but you can change the world around you.

-John Cain

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Every time we sense (hear, see, taste, feel, smell) new information, that’s us learning something new. Without even trying, this happens constantly at almost every waking moment of consciousness.

But our incredibly adaptive learning brains are better at forgetting than learning. In fact, on average, we forget 50 – 80 percent of what we’ve learned after one day and 97 – 98 percent after a month (source).

That’s pathetic and a waste.

This occurs because the things we learn are often learned inadvertently, seem (or are) unimportant and don’t realize the effort it takes to learn something.

What if we choose to learn something? Anything. To seek out a new skill or a bit of knowledge for the sake of it?

If we deliberately decide to learn something, it should help us integrate it into ourselves permanently.

This way, we can first have the memory of seeking out something specific and the effort it took to learn it. Then seamlessly apply it naturally to our lives.

Even just using the internet, there’s enough knowledge to learn something new everyday without ever exhausting this ever-growing resource. And of course, the old fashioned but never out of fashion real world learning.

The goal of this Life Tactic isn’t to drastically change yourself into a scholared learning machine.

It’s to slowly but distinctly learn something new everyday without it interfering your life to gradually enhance it over time.

There’s 2 ways you can do this;



This way we can always learn something new everyday, developing a wide range of subjects and disciplines to our otherwise relatively narrow spectrum of specialization.

This need not be boring… By broadening your existing interests, adapting skills you’ve always wanted or needed to just learning a good joke or even building your “useless but interesting information” mental database.

Learning strengthens our character, builds our confidence and makes us wiser. Of which this personal development can be applied 1 small step at a time.

Life Tactics: Learn Something New Everyday

[The featured photo was taken from the Taipei 101 Tower Skyscraper in Taiwan.]

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Kyle NYC

I just learned something by reading this, does that count?

Lori Zabel

Wow that’s sad about how little we retain, but you’re right, if we make an effort to learn something new everyday, it should help.

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