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Personal Data Security In the interest of transparency, this regards to details in plain English about how your personal information as a visitor or member of this site is used.

Security is freedom from, or resilience against, potential harm or other unwanted coercive change from external forces.

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If you’d prefer, view the full Privacy Policy or Terms of Service for this site. But the language is complex and long. So here’s what you need to know.

As with any reputable website, Vinjatek is secure. It starts with an “https”, not “http”. When you visit a website without that extra “s”, that means that the website is not secure and therefore not encrypted.

That makes it extremely easy for hackers to attack the website and you the visitor as well.

An SSL certificate (https) is usually a good enough security measure but Vinjatek has added an additional layer of protection, a firewall. It’s a bit overkill but not when it comes to protecting your personal data.

The only direct information this website collects from you is when you specifically opt to join the mailing list, your email address and nothing more.

This data is stored with Vinjatek behind encryptions and a firewall, your data is safe and secure.

For pro members, your email and name is collected. However, credit card / bank details, addresses and other sensitive data is not collected or stored with Vinjatek. When you sign up, this data is transmitted securely to PayPal or Stripe.

That’s how your data is handled, but how is it used?

Other than account management for pro members, it’s only used for the occasional newsletter.

Your email or other information is never sold, “rented” out or otherwise shared with anyone else.

Your data is private.

Please contact me if you have any questions.

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