For civilians, non-associates and potential assets concerned about security while requiring anonymity, opening comm lines with the Central Intelligence Agency is not about the who or where, it’s about the how.

Contacting the CIA is as easy as reaching out to any business; you can call them on the phone, write to them by physical mail / email or by walking in to a US Embassy / Consulate or even CIA HQ itself.

However, due to the nature of why a person would want to or need to speak to the CIA, those options may not be optimal for their situation.

Persons in active / imminent danger and or under physical / digital surveillance, for example; burned / compromised operatives, journalists in restrictive nations, whistleblowers, defectors and any other person that has volatile information.

Therefore, their identity, privacy and activity / locational data must be protected at all cost. So the channels of communications must be anonymous and secure with their activity untrackable.

The most feasible and reliable method currently available is through the darknet, using a Tor Browser on a VPN network and optionally on a “clean” device.

The CIA special site can then be accessed through this link:



It doesn’t require special equipment or credentials, just an internet connection with that setup.

Additional enhancements of security and anonymity can be applied by using public networks (cafes, libraries, transit stations, etc.) randomly and for short periods of time across nonpersonal devices.

All information and communication conducted this way is as secure as it can be without using special equipment or extraordinary measures.

Once a handler or other contact has been defined, more accessible comm channels may be established.

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