This is an introduction on how to hide from drones (UAV) operated by non-military government agencies and private civilians.

“In the Age of the Almighty Computer, drones are the perfect warriors. They kill without remorse, obey without kidding around, see what others can’t and they never reveal their master’s names.”     -Eduardo Galeano

Technically known as “Unmanned Aerial Vehicles” or simply “UAVs” and most commonly as “drones”, these machines have become a commonplace in modern life.

So common that drone uses has far exceeded its initial application for military, civil and other official functions to the general public. In fact, you can buy drones for less than $50. Some of the more expensive models have very impressive enhancements out of the box that can further be augmented by the user.

Drones fitted for official use are no doubt superior to most consumer models, so they’re more difficult to hide from even if its intended use is not surveillance or tactical. The fact remains that they’re highly maneuverable eyes-in-the-sky in a small package that’s usually out of sight but always out of reach.



***I will not discuss trade secrets or advice on how to hide from legitimate military drones, however. But I will share an excellent visualization on many of those special operations drones below:

- UAV Drone Survival Guide -
– Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Drone Survival Guide –

The key to defeating a system is knowing how it works. But the drones you have to worry about are highly advanced machinery and software so breaking it down to their core elements then overcoming them individually or specifically when required is the key.

So what are the core elements of a drone?

UAV drones are categorized into 2 types of aircraft; autonomous controlled and remote controlled. Both types of drones are made up of the same elements (excluding military drones). It’s part recording device, part flying machine and part sensor reader.

So essentially but crudely, they’re just small controllable vehicles with cameras attached.

Knowing how to hide from drones should be elemental once you perceive them as three elements working in unity as one. A unity with many strengths but with as many exposable weaknesses.

Stay tuned for the second part of “How to Hide From UAV Drones”. I will include specific tactics, technical concepts and ways to make on the fly gear to aid in the escape and evasion of drones.

/// How to Hide From Drones Part 1

[The featured photo was taken Taipei, Taiwan.]

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