Unlock [BLACK] Lifetime VIP Pro Memberships and cash prizes by deciphering the altering coded messages embedded in the index page.

Cryptography is a method of protecting information and communications through the use of codes so that only those for whom the information is intended can read it.

What started as an experiment became a game and to now an ongoing contest giveaway. I initially implemented a coded message quietly into the updated homepage a few months ago, just to see what would happen… I wasn’t disappointed.

Over a dozen of my associates and other similar professionals in the same trade (operators, intelligence analysts) easily saw the cipher key and subsequently decoded the message.

Nonmembers were rewarded with a Lifetime VIP Pro Membership and active members with a full refund of the cost of their membership or an upgrade.

The same prizes apply now.

There will be unlimited winners but the code will be reset after each successful decipher (winner).

The coded messages will be hidden within the homepage (front page) of this site and the cipher (key) can be found in the binary section of the same page.

    Cipher Key Hint   ///



It’s relatively basic cryptology, specifically a type of simplified substitute cipher. It can be decrypted without the assistance of a computational device.

Some of you have merely translated the binary to plaintext and have contacted me to claim successful cracks. Clever, but it’s not that simple and that’s not the coded message. Please try again.

The decoded message will reveal a secret internal link with instructions to retrieve your prize.