///   Wanderlust: The Art of Having Your Breath Taken Away

Island Hopping in Fiji /// VinjatekIt’s ironic how momentarily losing control of the single the most vital human function can also be the greatest human sensation.

You haven’t truly lived until experiencing this. It’s a biologically natural high with no comedown or side effects.

-John V Cain

Breathe in, breathe out, repeat… It’s effortless but constant and the most important thing we do to live the next few seconds until the next breath.

But then, sometimes you see something or someone so beautiful, so grand or so profound and suddenly you’re incapable of doing the easiest thing in the world, to breathe. The expression, “You take my breath away.” or “This takes my breath away.” is not just a figure of speech but literal in the sense that for that moment, you really can’t breathe, and it’s wonderful.

Losing the ability to breathe, no, to “have your breath taken away” is technically a way for a life to end, yet under the right circumstances it can make you feel more alive than ever before.

Vagabonding Somewhere in FIji

Wanderlust in Fiji //

Experiencing this awe moment is extremely rare to most people but to those afflicted with wanderlust and are attempting to remedy this “curse”, it’s a steady struggle grasping for air. Again, it’s wonderful.

I am one of those infected with wanderlust, therefore I’ve been vagabonding for the past few years and I’m constantly out of breath. Not just because of my inherently active lifestyle but by constantly exploring the world. In effect, wanderlusting.

But it never gets old to see something so powerful that it takes my breath away because it’s always something new and different. That’s the wanderlusting way.

Island Hopping in Fiji /// Vinjatek

Island Hopping in Fiji ///

For as long as you’re alive, breathing is an endless cycle much like if you “catch” the wanderlust, you’ll forever try to appease it, they’re like a give-and-take relationship.

Wanderlust, the art of having your breath taken away.


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Lori Zabel

I love how you say “afflicted with wanderlust”, it’s a pretty aggressive way to put it but completely accurate, especially as a wanderluster myself.


Great post, breathing is overrated anyway!