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Vagabonding: The Art of Mobility

Vagabonding = Mobile Lifestyle… A way of living on fast and light feet. Capable of swift location changes with elegance and efficiency, like an active escape artist.

A vagabond is a master of mobility.

By definition, vagabonding is traveling from place to place in a relatively consistent manner – in effect, to be mobile. This is the essence of vagabonding. As a result this inherent mobility affords the vagabond unrivaled freedom and flexibility to constantly travel the world.

A vagabond is not a drifter.

Drifters shift from place to place keeping to themselves with no thoughts of exploration or experience but is also a practitioner of the art of mobility. Vagabonds travel from place to place seeking #culture, exploration and experience with mobility a means to that end.

But the art of mobility is far more than that.

Effective mobility is a highly useful skill that goes beyond travel extending to any lifestyle. The ability to be so agile can make travel and everyday life more fulfilling by increasing productivity and reducing downtime. High mobility makes it easier to adjust to change, location or otherwise.

Minimalism + Travel x Mobility = Vagabonding

[The photo was taken while crossing the Nusa Lembongan bridge in Indonesia. | Originally published on Vinjatek.]

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