///   Ultra Compact Survival Kit Capsule Experiment

Ultra Compact Survival Kit /// VinjatekAn experimental wilderness / urban survival kit in a capsule with extreme minimalism and scale as the objective at the cost of practicality.

Survival in any form for any environment is an act of prevention and or recovery.

-John Cain

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I made this ultra compact survival kit on a whim not to use for a live situation but as a practice in confined minimalism and study in function divergence.

To use whatever raw materials and specific tools that were already present in the workshop I was at, not buying or otherwise procuring any items from outside that room – just what I already had.

The 15 individual items fit snugly inside the pinky sized titanium capsule and can be used as a necklace pendant, zipper pull or added to a keychain.

Ultra Compact Survival Kit /// Vinjatek


Button Compasss ($)

Kevlar Cordage ($)

Lighter Flint ($)

Mini Safety Pin

Needle & Thread

Hook & Line

Gum Pick

Escape Saw ($)

Steel Nail

Storm Match ($)

Scalpel Blade

Diamond Saw ($)

SIM Card

Gold Bullion ($)


The best survival kit is the one you make yourself to cover just a single or a few problems well, not as many as possible in the smallest space like this kit.

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Lori Zabel

Cutest survival kit ever.

Michael L

Yes absolutely. First word which comes in my mind was also “cute”. But I hope it’s practical, too.

Wouter C

Very small

Grey Apparent

Hahah, great little experiment.. and actually useful survival kit in extreme desperation. So small that the effectiveness to size ratio makes it pretty good.


I would buy this survival kit from you, still got it around?

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