Boundless airport connections with cheap flights, the internet with vast information and mobile technology within our palms make the world a…

…much smaller place than it used to be.

So see the world and step all over it…

The vagabonds and nomads from ancient times used only their instincts and basic senses to travel long expanses and for even longer times.

It was almost always a difficult and arduous journey with danger unpredictable and ever-present.

Most of all, information of the destination (if there was one) was usually uncertain if it existed at all.

The world was too big.

Now jump to the 1970’s,

…the beginning of the backpacking era.

The dawn of extended travel for leisure and adventure instead of circumstance like the original nomads. The time when the hippie trail was formed and this kind of backpacking established.

Travel in all forms by then has become significantly easier with more readily available details about foreign lands, growing transportation infrastructures and naturally better social interactivity.

Tongyeong Mountain Korea /// Vinjatek
Tongyeong Mountain, Korea ///

The world has become scalable.

Now jump to today,

…the rise of modern vagabonding.

With a seemingly endless resource of information, gear and transportation at our disposal, travel is taken for granted. Giving access to the whole world to most people with little effort and money.

Long term / indefinite world travel now has several variations to suit the individual; vagabonding, flashpacking, backpacking and gap years.

The world has become small.

Although world travel is easier than ever… the experiences you will seize, the knowledge you will acquire, the people you will befriend and the cultures that will shock you… the rewards remain the same.

Today’s world is smaller, so step all over it.

[The featured photo was taken in Busan, Korea.]

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