///   Stealth Combat Necklace System

Stealth Combat EDC Necklace System /// VinjatekAn always battle ready and covert EDC capable weaponized necklace. Variably permissive open-wear for any environment in any country.


No one should carry any sort of weapon, knife or otherwise, without the basic knowledge of how to use it as well as its limitations and the potential dangers to oneself and the assailant. Furthermore, other than the laws of possessing a weapon, the wielder should be aware of the technical legalities of self-defense and assault.

-John V Cain

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- Stealth Combat Necklace / Fully Equipped Mode -

– Stealth Combat Necklace / Fully Equipped Mode –

Imperceptible, masculine, multipurpose, permissive, interchangeable, nonmagnetic, non-corrosive, waterproof, stashable and titan tough. Made of titanium with replaceable polymer and rubber parts.

Casual jewelry with a tactical utility. A survival necklace with a fashion function.

The Stealth Combat Necklace (and system) is the upgrade to my long-wearing Covert EDC Necklace.

As with its predecessor, the capsule for micro kits has been added but with modifications and as the necklace “clasp”. The medallion is now two titanium custom Raidops Deltas to form as one stylized “V” cross.

Connecting the chain to the medallion is the Raidops QDS clip, designed for items secured onto it to be quickly detached on the fly by pulling on it.

Four separate custom made double heat-treated G5 titanium chains (two for each side, 7mm and 5.5 width) are directly attached to the titanium rings that connect to the capsule and each other. No delicate jewelry standard clamps or locks – no weakness in the chain.

The necklace is removed by unscrewing the G1 titanium capsule’s cap(s), which also accesses its contents.

– Stealth Combat Necklace / Base Mode –

– Stealth Combat Necklace / Base Mode –

The two Raidops Deltas are made from G2 titanium that’s relatively soft making them ideal for impact shock to the wielder’s hands during use.

They have been modified for both jewelry aesthetics and enhanced kinetics. One for a symmetrical and clean executive look and the other for an aged and battle scarred look. They form as one medallion and can be used for either look just by flipping it over.

The Raidops Delta are in-between push daggers and brass knuckles but without the legality or lethality issues associated with both. While the stopping power is reduced, it greatly augments your natural punching and striking capabilities to dirty fighting levels.



The idea is to stop an assailant as efficiently as possible without causing fatal or serious injury – make them feel as if they need immediate medical attention.

Unlike neck knives, this can be worn in plain view as it functions and looks like jewelry because it is. This also means faster and more natural deployment instead of reaching from below then upwards to underneath the shirt, it can be reached instantly from chest level with the hands in a natural defense stance.

– Stealth Combat Necklace / EDC Capsule Stash –

– Stealth Combat Necklace / EDC Capsule Stash –

The predecessor of this necklace used the capsule as the medallion and centerpiece. Now the capsule has been modified to be the chain’s nigh unbreakable “clasp”, resting on the back of the neck.

Made from G2 titanium and gasketed to seal the contents from the elements. The small storage space is ideal for meds, docs, chips or an escape kit as shown.

RAIDOPS Angry Caesar as a Necklace /// Vinjabond

– Stealth Combat Necklace / “Brass” Knuckles Mode –

An alternate mode for the Stealth Combat Necklace is using the Raidops Angry Caesar knucks instead. Made from G5 titanium but less inconspicuous for everyday wear and non-permissive in some environments.

– Stealth Combat Necklace / Push Impact Dagger Mode –

Just as medallion-like as the Deltas but even more damaging than the above brass knuckles is by using the Raidops Mini Mil Push Impact Dagger. Nowhere near blade sharp but will penetrate with minimal force.

The two rings that connect the chains to the ends of the capsule can also perfectly accommodate a QDS clip to each with any compatible device as shown.

Due to the placement of the attachment points, each device rests comfortable between the wearer’s shoulder blades for quick and convenient deployment. Only ideal if wearing a sweater or jacket.

Alternately, any other EDC gear with a pocket clip can also be rigged in the same manner to make it both a combat and survival necklace. A Guardian Tactical Exilis Knife and SOG Dark Energy Flashlight is used as shown in the example. Adding ferrous material (steel) will of course negate the necklace system’s stealth factor by making it visible to metal detectors.

Stealth Combat EDC Necklace System /// Vinjabond

As a vagabonding world traveler, this is a viable method (base mode) to always be defensively weapon capable while abiding to most laws of the land.

Stealth Combat Necklace /// $N/A


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Kyle NYC

This is the sickest gear you’ve posted. I want this badly but I’m guessing this aint for sale :(.

Specialist Zero

Yeah…. you’re going to have to sell me this, I don’t care how much you want, just name your price.

Faced from Bass

Dude I have a $4500 white gold chain necklace I will trade you for!

Robert SythRZ

That is quite a beautiful necklace fit for a man, I would never have known it’s actually a weapon. Well done, sure beats my clunky neck knife “necklace” I have always hide under my shirt.

Cameron Burgess

Great idea – and interestingly pretty much exactly mirrors the form (but not the function) of my current necklace.

Curious to know where you sourced the chain from, and which of the Deltas you have? There’s a bunch on the Raidops site.

Would also love to know about the mods you made to them (if any). Looks as if you may have ground down the corners on one, and taken some divots out as well. Curious to know what the practical intention of the mods was too.

Thanks for a great site – learning a lot!

Dan Lerner

Is this necklace ever going to be for sale again? any suggestions in regards to the raidops plastic quick release? it doesn’t seem to hold 2. Is it possible to erase the logo on the actual Ti2 Sentinel S4S.
Thanks in advance

Dan Lerner it’s for sale again.

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