The Urban Tool SportHolster is an ultra minimal backpack designed for maximum mobility during active use and seamless everyday carry (EDC).

Backpack – Bulk x Minimal + Ergonomics

= SportHolster

I’ve equipped this nearly everyday for the past year through 18 countries in all atmospheric conditions, terrain and countless activities.

It has become one of the most utilized and important elements of my entire equipment and gear system for my vagabonding world travel lifestyle.

As a minimalist nomad and EDC practitioner, I need a way to carry a few pieces of essential gear for when a backpack is too large and pockets too small.

The SportHolster by URBAN TOOL($) is the answer.

Worn like a backpack, used like a holster and fits like a glove. The SportHolster is a truly innovative product that achieves its very specific purpose; to function like an extension of your body as additional pockets.

The SportHolster as an EDC Kit //
The SportHolster as an EDC Kit //

These have 5 pockets; 2 placed below on each side, 2 on the front chest and 1 centered on the back. The side pockets have just the right amount of padding to provide protection for the contents as well as comfort for the wearer. The back is made of mesh for excellent ventilation and is more of an optional but effective pocket that’s cleverly built-in.

The ergonomics of the SportHolster is above and beyond any other backpack. It’s this organic human fit that makes extended wear through any physical activity feel like its just another article of clothing.

Hahoe Folk Village Cliff, Andong, Korea
– Wearing the SportHolster on a Village Cliff –

The SportHolster has become such a vital part of my daily routine that not wearing it makes me feel like something is missing, much like the feeling of the absence of a watch or ring.

This is the ultra minimal backpack, perfected.

Urban Tool SportHolster // $49

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  1. Yes! thank you for this, I’ve been looking for something like this but wasn’t sure what to look for, lol… Basically something smaller than my daypack for travel.

  2. Travelifter Reply

    Your not kidding about the “ultra minimal” part of this backpack. May have to buy me one of these Sportholsters.

  3. This is a brilliant idea for a bag, yeah perfect for travel or just chillin.

  4. Great site. Urban tool don’t seem to do an all black sportholster like your own, is it a one off?


  5. A HA! I have done the very same thing a number of times with things, couldnt tell that here though 🙂 Thank you for the information, I think you have a good philosophy.

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