The following covert operation may or may not describe actual events. Places, names, timelines and other details may have been modified, omitted or added in part or as a whole if inspired by events and actions that may or may not have actually occurred and people that may or may not have existed. Verifiably unverifiable but with the core narrative intact. -NOTICE #637BAU

       [ OBJECTIVE ]         Extract the target subject from the nightclub without directly engaging, to make it appear it’s by his own volition – to take further action outside without interference from his entourage.

       0001         Although Prague is one of the most beautiful capital cities in the world, it has a profoundly ugly underworld despite it being very safe. But mostly due to an isolated few, such as Jakub, the target.

       0002         A creature of habit is an operative’s dream subject. Predictable and paranoid, Jakub is this creature, but that second part doesn’t let him go anywhere without his men, making it a nightmare. It’s Friday night, he should be at this club any minute.

       0003         As the line of clubbers grow outside of the club, a local asset Verushka (acting as my date) and I hang out on the corner smoking cigs and drinking cans of beer filled with water… A silver Escalade with silver tints pulls up to the club ropes. It’s him.

       0004         As Verushka put it in Czech, “a bunch of oversized men” come out of the car and form a sort of a wall for Jakub, the bouncers let them right in.

       0005         We finish our fake beer and cut the line of a hundred clubbers and go straight to the bouncer… I slip him 3000 koruna ($125 USD) and he lets us in.

       0006         Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! The bass is killer and the crowd is energized, I could use an actual drink, but alas, work comes first. Verushka and I find a standing table and order some virgin cocktails.

       0007         We spot Jakub above, in the VIP section, which is elevated above the dance floor. Although dark with lasers and fog machines running, it’s a clear view to the whole section – probably by design to be “seen“.

       0008         It’s been a while now, he’s had plenty of drinks and what appears to be some lines of coke. Time to initiate Plan A. According to the dossier, he’s into dark haired women with blue or green eyes and has an obsession with the color silver. That’s why Verushka is here and she looks devastatingly club-sexy in her tight silver minidress wrapping that refined tighter body.



       0010         The VIP area is only accessible by a spiral staircase. On top there’s the women’s bathroom and to the right is the velvet ropes wrapped around the VIP section guarded by what seems to be a pair of ex military goons moonlighting as bouncers, but no match for Verushka. The 2 human mountains step aside and release the velvet rope upon her site.

       0011         She’s in. Her objective now is to seduce Jakub and get him to leave with her, alone together. I watch from my table, light up a smoke and wait.

       0012         They seemed to have hit it off but is abruptly kicked out of VIP along with a few others… She casually walks out of the club as not to blow our cover then I get a text in Czech from her, she says they’re talking business so he wanted everyone out.

       0013         Okay, Plan B. This should have been Plan A because in theory, it has a 90 percent success rate as supposed to classic seduction. But it’s messy.

       0014         One of the janitorial staff was bribed in advanced to perform a simple task even if she in the end it wasn’t required of her. But if it was, she’d be paid triple… I found her and told her to be on standby to act.

       0015         This plan is uniquely fitted for this venue but the subject needs to be downstairs for it to work. So I patiently wait for Jakub to use the men’s room on the ground floor… And there he goes.

       0016         As he makes his way down the spiral staircase, I signal the staff member to act. She goes in to the women’s bathroom on top of those same steps to execute the plan. It’s about to get nasty.

       0017         She slowly but distressfully walks out the bathroom but then walks as fast as she can down the stairs without looking like she’s running away.

       0018         A few moments pass and nothing. I worry that she didn’t properly do her job… Then it began.



       0020         The bathroom is now flooding at full force, pushing human waste out like a wave that won’t stop. It cascades down the spiral staircase like a shitty waterfall, except it’s literally a waterfall of shit.

       0021         Anyone near the staircase is getting hit with the flood as it rapidly spreads through the main floor, contagious revulsion and panic starts to catch.

       0022         It takes a moment for it to truly affect the club. Once it does, the music stops and the lights go on as the flood gets worse. People are evacuating. The people in VIP (all of Jakub’s men) are safe from the shit but stuck up there with the sewage flowing like no tomorrow, blocking their only way down.

       0023         I’m near the exit, waiting for Jakub to come out of the men’s room… There he is, like everyone else, he tries to leave as fast as possible.

       0024         Now outside, I signal my team to move on the approaching target… I casually walk away.

Several specialized non-explosive demolition devices were preinstalled in the toilets of the women’s bathroom that caused the unstoppable flooding.

*A substantively indeterminate actually specified typical OP as a former covert operative. For days in my life of vagabonding, view A Day posts.

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    Not the “wetwork” op I was expecting (or was it?) but great intel nonetheless.

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