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No-Jet-Lag Pills /// VinjatekThere is still no magic cure for the common cold but there is a homeopathic remedy for the prevention of jet lag and fatigue relief from it.


I’ve taken No-Jet-Lag for over 20 years. I go to the Philippines every year and have never had jet lag. I used to have awful jet lag that lasted for over a week. Now I just hit the ground and go.

-Michael Rabe

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No-Jet-Lag Pills /// VINJABOND

Even after 424 flights through a lifestyle of world travel, I still haven’t gotten used to jet lag.

Something about flying across multiple time zones in a pressurized tin box with little rest and even less physical movement really does a number on my body and mind, both during the journey and well after arrival.

Circadian dysrhythmia… Locational time desynchronization, fatigue, irritability, headaches, weakness, disorientation and indigestion. AKA jet lag.

This unique condition is reminiscent of having a cold. The slow but discernible accumulation of multiple debilitating symptoms that can last as long as a week.

No-Jet-Lag Pills($) are taken preemptively and while you’re going through the course of jet lag, not after the fact.

So taking it while jet lag is supposed to occur (as is intended) not only reduces the progression of symptoms, but as well as the cumulative effects of it.

No Jet Lag Pills Drug Facts ///

Most people try to cope with jet lag by taking sleeping pills or drinking themselves to sleep. Hoping to synchronize the body to the new time zone.

These methods may technically get you some rest but will do nothing to aid in recovering from jet lag once you land, in fact, it may make it worse.

No-Jet-Lag Pills($) isn’t exactly a drug although it is FDA approved, it’s homeopathic so it’s all natural. It has no side-effects nor is it addictive. It even tastes good.

These have been around for years and have been praised from users from all around the world.

I’ve used them for now 3 half-way-around-the-world flights spanning 10 or more time zones and can attest to their almost unbelievable effectiveness.

No Jet Lag Pills Drug Facts ///

I know what bad jet lag feels like and how severely it hits me every time, longer and harder than it does to most people, despite my extensive experience with flying.

So before writing this review, I wanted to make sure I wasn’t experiencing a placebo effect with No-Jet-Lag Pills($). With that being said, the results were clear and conclusive… “These work like a charm, every time.”

I still feel a little tired (as from any physically exerting activity) as these are not energy pills but my mind and body is always noticeably rested. More importantly, it significantly helps to adjust my internal clock to the new ones as needed. Best of all, it takes the edge off.

From the packaging to the name itself, seems like a gimmick. But these homeopathic tablets that chew and taste like lightly sweetened candy, truly do work.

No-Jet-Lag Pills /// $8+


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Kyle NYC

This is good stuff, tried it on a couple transatlantic flights and they work as advertised. Very surprising but no gimmick.

Plaken Wander

I saw these at the airport but dismissed it as a rip off, but I’ll pick up a box next time, thanks for the review.


I need this in my life.

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