The Microtech Troodon knife is named after the most intelligent dinosaur to ever roam the earth, the Troodon, also known as “wounding tooth”.

“Our goal is to attain and maintain extremely high quality knives throughout the evolution of growth and change. Founder, Anthony Marfione’s objective is to ensure that every day, each customer will receive the highest quality knife that money can buy.

Microtech Troodon Knife

Knives are like cars in that there are many levels of classes and types of uses. Microtech is the Ferrari of knives with the combat directive of General Dynamics. The Microtech Troodon Knife is an out-the-front (OTF) automatic knife – the best available with a 3′ blade.

As with any knife of this kind, the Troodon’s blade is completely hidden inside the handle and “activated” with a press of a button, exposing the blade for use.

Shifts heavenly smooth, moves like a bat out of hell.

Microtech is the most respected and experienced automatic knife maker in the world that produce the best of each type and class of OTF blades available. The Troodon is in the everyday carry / tactical category.

The older but smaller brother of the ‘Combat Troodon’ model. Both knives of bladed precision perfection

The Microtech Troodon Knife is the apex edged tool.

- Microtech Troodon in Reverse Grip -

- Microtech Troodon Knife -

Tradecraft / Combat Modified Microtech Troodon Knife /// VINJABOND

Microtech Troodon Glass Breaker /// VINJABOND

Battle-Scarred Microtech Troodon Knife /// VINJABOND

“To make the best possible knives…” That’s Microtech’s primary mission statement and its not just a marketing term. It’s a verifiable and time proven fact.

Just holding the Troodon in my hands, I can feel the heft and solidness of quality like a bar of pure gold. Upon visual examination, I can see an extraordinary level of meticulous craftsmanship like a piece of NASA tech.

In fact, these are so well engineered that the Lightning OTF, which is copied off the Troodon and Scarab, is considered the best of cheap automatic knives.

Most importantly, the high(est)-end Bohler ELMAX steel blade ejects and retracts smoothly yet viciously like a predator’s talon. Always ready, even in neutral.

The Microtech Troodon Knife is a fusion of high technology, modern art and close quarters combat.

“The Troodon brings together a new out-the-front technology with the feel of a Microtech classic.” -Microtech

Battle Scarred Microtech Troodon Knife /// VINJABOND

Made in The USA (+ parts) // Double Action OTF // Combat and Tactical // Blade: ELMAX Steel // Handles: 6061-T6 // Serial Numbered

This Troodon is my vagabonding everyday carry (EDC) knife for self-defense in countries where it’s legal for possession and concealed carry.

Microtech Troodon Knife /// $300+

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  1. Jones Ing 4 Mo Reply

    I’ve wanted a Microtech OTF for years but too expensive and not legal in my state :(. But damn, I love them. One day…

  2. Teddy Lelser Reply

    The Joker had the Combat Troodon in the Dark Knight – bad ass.

  3. Faced from Bass Reply

    I have the Microtech Scarab and been trying to find a certain Microtech Combat Troodon for sale but they go so fast.

  4. What’s the difference between the Microtech Troodon and Combat version except the size?

  5. Specialist Zero Reply

    Just got my Microtech Troodon in the mail. DAMN I love it.

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