Life Tactics is a series of compact posts about my methods, tricks and hacks for everyday life, professional trades and mentality.

“You can’t change the world but you can change the world around you.”     -John Cain

Introduction   //

Despite what far wiser men state, I believe life is indeed a game. We are given 1 life (and maybe 1 “continue”) to play this hopefully long game and do our best to thrive.

“Life” fits with the construct of a “game”. The purpose is for the player to overcome challenges with varying levels of difficulties to reach an end, goal or prize.

Games involves tactics, and at the risk of sounding absurdly cliché, our life, “the game of life” is the most important game we’ll ever play. Therefore our tactics in playing / living this game is profoundly important.

This is what this series will be about… “life hacking“.

I prefer “life tactics” but the former term works. Because life is a system, an exceedingly complex network of biological processes but a system nonetheless. And any system can be restructured, manipulated, upgraded, repurposed or… hacked.

Which brings me to the best advice I ever received. My mentor in tradecraft from when I was first starting out, explained how to do seemingly impossible things:



For such a thing that’s supposed to be impossible, the formula is so simple, that is the ultimate life tactic. To find the most elegant solution to any problem.

The subsequent posts for this series will be more concise and specific life hacking concepts.

Life Tactics: Introduction

[The featured photo was taken from the Taipei 101 Tower Skyscraper in Taiwan.]

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  1. Specialist Zero Reply

    Nice, look forward to some VInjabond approved life hacking.

  2. Lori Zabel Reply

    “Life tactics”. I like that. More sensible than life hacks.

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