///   How to Live Out of a Backpack: Guide

Survival Go-Bag /// VinjatekA constantly updated, adaptive and comprehensive guide on how to live out of a backpack effectively and indefinitely. For life, work, travel and adventure.

One does not need a home full of things to live. Just like ancient times, all we need is what we can carry on our backs.

-John Cain

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Long before I lived out of backpacks as a nomad, I lived out of suitcases and briefcases as an operative.

Since then my backpack has become my closet, survival kit and support system. So should yours.

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    MINDSET //

Your way of thinking of how life is lived should be changed. All that you own and need will be in your immediate possession. You can only carry so much so your concept of what you think you need to live must be minimized with efficiency maximized…       More »»

          Pro Tip   :     Living out of a backpack is both a state of mind and being.

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Just like your car and apartment when living at home, the backpack you choose will be just as important and vital for living out of it. Wherever you go, it will often follow and so it should be comfortable, reliable, versatile and just the right size…       More »»

          Pro Tip   :     The bigger the backpack, the more likely you’ll overpack.

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Overland Border Visa Run: Loadout /// Vinjatek


With the limited “real estate” of a backpack, every item should be needed while reducing unnecessary redundancies and packing multi-functional gear. An ideal volume range is 35 – 50 liters, but never go over 60. View the kit shop for recommended items…       More »»

          Pro Tip   :     Follow the 90 percent packing hack.

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Vagabond Packing Cube System /// Vinjatek


Almost every item should be categorized and subcategorized into smaller interval bags / pouches / cubes, while strategically utilizing the backpack’s compartments. For example; clothing tops, clothing bottoms, underwear, gadgets, cords, toiletries, first-aid, documents tools etc…       More »»

          Pro Tip   :     Organize packing cubes to space-perfection for efficiency and pack stability.

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Gear Shop /// Zero Grid Packing Cubes


Before you start how to live out of a backpack, prepare a care package for yourself of some of the items that’s hard to get while on the road. Such as medicine, brand name clothing and tech. Then have someone mail it to you when you need it…       More »»

          Pro Tip   :     Setup multiple care packages before you leave or build them over time as needed.

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FAST Pack Scout in the Wild /// Vinjatek


If you’re going to be in the same general climate for a while, pack accordingly to make your overall kit seasonal. Meaning, mostly pack summer clothes if you’re in the tropics or warmer clothes if you’re going to go through a harsh winter…       More »»

          Pro Tip   :     You can always add and layer more clothes when it’s too cold but you can only take so much off when it’s too hot.

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Laundry: Drying Clothes in a Hotel Room /// Vinjatek

    LAUNDRY //

Don’t wait for a big pile of dirty clothes to go to the laundromat, it’s not ideal when living out of a backpack and on the move. Instead, wash each item as needed in the bathroom and let dry overnight in your accommodation…       More »»

          Pro Tip   :     When you find a place where you’ll be for a while, then use a laundry service.

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How to Live Out of a Backpack Guide

[Gear featured: Triple Aught Design FAST Pack Scout VX42 Prototype Backpack + Control Panel 2 + Transport Cube, Tuff-Writer Operator Pen, Princeton Tec Point MPLS LED Task Light and Leatherman Charge TTi Multi-Tool.]

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