From the exposure to external stimuli or our minds running wild, we sometimes have a sudden burning question that need answering. The list…

“The highest education is that which does not merely give us information but makes our life in harmony with all existence.” -Rabindranath Tagore

These questions are random and actual curiosities that popped up in my mind. As these existential to useless fact level questions materialize at any time and all the time, this will be updated frequently.

    60)   What happens to the cells that die inside of our bodies?   [A]

    59)   Will the United States inevitably fall like the Roman Empire?   [A]

    58)   Why do we see “stars” when we bump our heads?   [A]

    57)   Is “South Park” from the TV show based on a real place in Colorado?   [A]

    56)   How do intelligent people fall for cults?   [A]

    55)   Why are foods that taste good usually bad for you and vice versa?   [A]

    54)   If aging is a disease, will a cure eventually be possible?   [A]

    53)   How does the brain generate consciousness?    [A]

    52)   Can we survive off dog food for an extended period of time?    [A]

    51)   Why are people allergic to things?    [A]

How Do Automatic Watches Work? /// Vinjatek

    50)   What’s the best theory as to the missing link between humans and apes?   [A]

    49)   How do we determine beauty?    [A]

    48)   Does fire have weight?    [A]

    47)   Can fingerprints be altered with plastic surgery?    [A]

    46)   How does toothpaste work?    [A]

    45)   Have we been drinking the same water since the dinosaurs and beyond?   [A]

    44)   How did Easter Island collapse?   [A]

    43)   Can a diamond potentially in a practical sense, last forever?    [A]

    42)   How does the movement in automatic watches operate?   [A]

    41)   What’s the origin of 420?   [A]

Resolution of The Human Eye /// Vinjatek

    40)   Where is the most remote but inhabited place on earth?   [A]

    39)   Why does meat taste so good?   [A]

    38)   How do our cells “stick” together?   [A]

    37)   Are cockroaches perfect organisms?   [A]

    36)   Does the human eye have a resolution in megapixels like a camera?    [A]



    34)   Where do files on computers “go” when they’re deleted?    [A]

    33)   What would happen to the Earth if the Moon suddenly disappeared?    [A]

    32)   What is “OK” short for?    [A]

    31)   How did Michael Jackson turn white?    [A]

Fall of The Roman Empire /// Vinjatek

    30)   Is there more crime during full moons?    [A]

    29)   How long could someone survive eating themself?    [A]

    28)   How many calories does sex burn?    [A]

    27)   How does nuclear radiation harm us?    [A]

    26)   If the universe is expanding, what’s it expanding into?    [A]

    25)   Why do psychopaths need to kill?    [A]

    24)   What organism ruled the Earth before the dinosaurs?    [A]

    23)   Who has the highest recorded IQ?    [A]

    22)   Do Scientologists believe humans are descendants of dead aliens from space?    [A]

    21)   How did the Roman Empire fall?    [A]

When Will The Sun Die Out? /// Vinjatek

    20)   Why is the temple of our skulls soft?    [A]

    19)   Who first smoked cannabis?    [A]

    18)   When will our Sun burn out?   [A]

    17)   How does titanium resist corrosion?    [A]



    15)   How do run-flat tires work?    [A]

    14)   Are churches or the word “church” mentioned in the Bible?   [A]

    13)   Do insects feel pain?    [A]

    12)   Which civilization first used swords?   [A]

    11)   What was the loudest sound ever?    [A]

How do Railguns Work? /// Vinjatek

    10)   What’s the deepest hole we’ve dug?    [A]

    9)   Who was the first Pharaoh of Egypt and how did he rise to power?    [A]

      8)   Can the same single mosquito bite you more than once?    [A]

      7)   What does “YKK” on zippers mean?    [A]

      6)   Where does time (zone) begin?    [A]

    5)   How do eyebrows know when to stop growing?    [A]

    4)   How does active noise canceling headphones work?    [A]

      3)   How long can Twinkies actually last?    [A]

    2)   How do railguns operate?    [A]

    1)   Why do our dreams rapidly fade from memory as soon as we wake up?    [A]

My mind seems to have become a kind of machine for grinding general laws out of large collections of facts. -Charles Darwin

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  1. Very thought provoking questions right there. Thanks for the answers too.

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