///   DIY Survival Watch With Compass

DIY Survival Watch With Compass Kit /// VinjatekThis is a concept for a custom but easily obtainable and budget friendly survival watch with compass kit. For roughly $200 USD, depending on the setup.


Survival in any form for any environment is an act of prevention and or recovery.

-John Cain

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There are way cheaper alternatives but this is one of the best setups of this kind you can go while still on a budget. Also, this can be worn with a suit for business or with a parka in the woods.

There are no batteries that can die from use or circuitry that can fry from abuse. The watch itself is an automatic movement, meaning it’s “recharged” every time the wearer moves the wrist and the mechanism inside moves with it.

The very word “survival” suggests hardship and tough situations and so a survival watch with compass must not be cheap and crappily made, despite their attractive prices. G-Shock, with compass or not, are excellent survival watches.

But self-winding (automatic) are the best choice for survival / SHTF purposes as the do not rely on batteries or any other electric power.

The Survival Watch With Compass /// Vinjatek

// Survival Watch With Compass

SNZF17 Watch         $139   |   BUY

Nato Bond Strap         $20   |   BUY

Stealth Bezel         $38   |   BUY

Clipper Compass         $16   |   BUY


[With a higher budget, a Rolex Submariner, will make the ultimate survival watch with compass kit.]

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Patrick Meißner

Ordered all parts, thanks for the guide my friend!

Gend EDCer

LOVE the look. Looks fancy yet its tough and def manly. Gonna cop this kit.

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