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Jinda Resort in Phuket /// VinjatekEveryone asks me “you’ve been vagabonding for so long, when are you going to stop and settle down?”. Well that day may soon be here…

We travel the world to see the beautiful and taste the exotic but it’s the people we meet along the way that makes it remarkable.

-John Cain

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If you follow my Facebook, Instagram or of course, this site, you may have noticed I’ve been absent for a while.

That’s because I’ve been distracted by a great force in the form of an angelic human female specimen.

I’ve been in true love before, have traveled more than most people will in several lifetimes and have life experiences they make movies about but being with her takes me to places I’ve never known existed.

You know who you are…

I’ve been with women from all over the world while in their own country or as a foreigner in countries also not of my own, so I know, for a lack of a better word, a “good woman” when I meet one. But it wasn’t until with her, that I’ve discovered a “perfect woman”, at least for me.

You know who you are…

The circumstances of our union, for the time being, prevents me from shouting to the world of this most awe-inspiring woman in my life. No matter.

Due to other circumstance, I had to leave my girl’s country to go to Thailand for a short trip. This brooding photo is of myself at a villa I’ll be staying at until my flight to be with her again, the agony is hellish.

Jinda Resort in Phuket /// Vinjatek

Wishing you were here… at Jinda Resort in Phuket, Thailand

Whenever I meet people and if they learn how long I’ve been continuously vagabonding for, the inevitable question is “When will you stop?”. My answer is always…

“When I find someone remarkable in this world.”

So after traveling this planet of ours and connecting with countless amazing people for 1,445 days as a vagabond, I’ve finally found the one.

But that doesn’t mean Vinjabond will decline.

Quite the contrary.

She gives me untapped inspiration and an outlook on life in a whole new spectrum, she is my muse.

Wishing you were here, you know who you are.

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