Vinjabond is Now Vinjatek

Vinjabond is VinjatekThis wasn’t planned or was it ever a consideration, but through a series of unexpected events… Vinjabond is now Vinjatek.

Vinjatek is a focus on a more decisive way of life through tacticalism, nomadism, minimalism and survivalism. The objective of this site to offer knowledge and skills for a more enhanced lifestyle and professional life.

-John V Cain

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As many of you know, Vinjatek was intended to be an offshoot of Vinjabond – and certainly not the other way around. During the beta testing of the original Vinjatek site, the small group of testers overwhelmingly preferred the layout and ease of use of the new design as supposed to Vinjabond’s.

This input led me to doing a complete design overhaul on Vinjabond. Among several technical reasons, I decided to move its hosting to GoDaddy. Transition went smooth and I started the arduous redesign. After a couple of weeks of straight work, I was finally finished. For those who visited Vinjabond during that time would have seen the new design.

36 hours after I finished, GoDaddy quite literally deleted the entirety of the Vinjabond website. Meaning it was unreachable because the files and data associated had vanished from their servers. Essentially no longer existed.

Through several layers of GoDaddy’s advertised “award winning” customer service, their conclusion was that I was the one who not only deleted my own website but cancelled my account at GoDaddy. Obviously that did not happen. I did not delete 5 years of work or cancel the service that maintained it.

The idiots at GoDaddy said it’s not possible an error in their system or an employee could have caused it. They were adamant that I personally did.

Luckily I had backups. So I moved back to Media Temple and restored Vinjabond. But to a version before the redesign. Meaning those 2 weeks of work was gone forever and the time completely wasted.

I was exhausted. But I still had to officially launch Vinjatek and redesign Vinjabond. So I said fuck it, testing revealed the Vinjatek design was much more favorable so I decided to keep them as a singular site.

And so here we are now, Vinjabond is now Vinjatek. What this means is that the old Vinjabond that you’ve known will continue as before. Sort of. I’ll be adding another author to widen the scope of this site but still keeping it to its core.

There will also be more frequent articles. Right after I fully finish this redesign. I have to systematically re-code every single page, which is why you’ll see some seemingly broken pages. Vinjatek loads significantly faster and it focuses more on content – less flashy and designery shit than like Vinjabond.

Finally, I’ve now implemented an SSL Certifcate to Vinjatek so the site is now encrypted and secure.

If you’re an active Pro Member and are having trouble logging in, let me know and I’ll set you right up.

The moral of the story is always have a backup. Rather it’s a backup plan, backup data or backup resources. Think and plan contingently.

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