///   Travel in Search of Worldly Pleasures

Kuta Beach Lombok Island Indonesia /// VinjatekI travel the earth for exploration, education, enlightenment, experience, escapism and most of all the enjoyment of its worldly pleasures.

I finally figured out the only reason to be alive…
is to enjoy it.

-Rita Mae Brown

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Hedonist or not, sensing pleasure is a vital necessity of human life. Like fear and curiosity, it motivates us to push, be less satiable and to be more by experiences.

Most pleasures are universal; food, sex, music, love, etc., but some find it in pain, darkness and other seemingly opposing pleasurable senses. What remains the same is the thrill of the seek and eventual satisfaction of the experience as well as the consequent memory of it.

With (world) travel, there is no end to these worldly pleasures. In fact, there’s a more concentration and potential for them to be realized with wanderlust.

Kuta Beach Lombok Island Indonesia /// Vinjatek

Kuta Beach of Lombok Island, Indonesia ///

Other than the obvious factors of pleasure inducing experiences associated with travel such as seeing famous sites, adventure excursions and tasting exotic foods, there are the little things of which often have the greatest impact. Common and unexceptional things…

Taking a bus, seeing a pretty girl, smelling the air, walking down a street, people watching, buying street food, watching traffic, partying, browsing TV, romancing…

All things you can do at home or anywhere in the world.

But doing them anywhere else in the world than home makes them slightly to significantly different experiences. Different is new and new experiences is a most powerful catalyst of inducing pleasure.

When enough is not enough, a Hedonist is born.

-Sukant Ratnakar

Narcotics are enticing and abused because it gives us ultra enhanced levels of instant gratification, which is never healthy or productive, especially after prolonged use. That is not the kind of worldly pleasure I seek, that’s chasing a high – craving a fix.

Wanderlust is enjoying the world and life as it is. Despite its ultimately insatiable nature, the “new” factor will always be prevalent and therefore no tolerance risk.

Because the physical world we live in may be finite, the pleasurable experiences in it are infinite.

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Lori Zabel

I love how you think. That is all.

Pew Pew Blam

You seem to live what they call a “responsible hedonism” lifestyle…. I’ll get there one day bro.

Kyle NYC

The bus part really got to me. For some strange reason, I really enjoy going on those really long, bumpy and unreliable bus rides through rural parts of South east Asia. These crappy rides are somehow pleasurable.

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