///   The Tin Mill Key Safe : Review

The Tin Mill Key Safe /// VinjatekAn overbuilt micro EDC capsule container made from stainless steel with versatile methods of carry. Precision machined in the United States.


Made to last seems like a forgotten idea. Products are now made from low durability materials and churned out from factories with no standards of quality. Our goal is to reverse that mindset.

-Tin Mill

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The Tin Mill Key Safe with Box /// VINJABOND

A few years ago, I was in search for a (then) unique type of product, a tiny storage case that I can wear or use as a keychain for my migraine meds. This market was slim so I settled with the True Utility CashStash.

It was cheap, made with thin aluminum and had a sub par finish. But that’s all I could find. It worked for a bit, but the o-ring started to quickly deteriorate, losing its waterproof capability. The capsule body started to discolor and it even had a through-and-though dent.

After researching for more capsule containers, I decided to go bigger and acquired the TAD Life Capsule Omega.

That has been with me since. It’s flawless and built like a tank, it will easily last generations. Which is why I’m reviewing this newly acquired Tin Mill Key Safe.

The Tin Mill Key Safe with Kit /// VINJABOND

A micro capsule that’s “wearable” but essentially perfectly made as well. Something I can always count on. Something that’s virtually indestructible.

This tiny thing is a beast. The Key Safe is machined from a single block of 304 stainless steel (more corrosion resistant than most other steels). It is solid.

Whatever it’s storing, it will be kept safe, not just from the elements but from any impact to even explosions.

The internal size is 1.84” tall with a .475” diameter, perfect for my carry of a single dose of pain relievers in it.

VS the TAD Life Capsule

VS the TAD Life Capsule

VS the Chapstick Stick

VS the Chapstick Stick

VS the True Utility FlashStash

VS the True Utility Stash

To get an idea of what it can hold, it’ll store a rolled up USA currency note but nothing more. It’s actually ideal as a necklace pendant or of course a keychain.

There are cheaper alternatives to the Key Safe, but they ARE cheap and won’t work or even look as good.

Tin Mill Key Safe /// $14+


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Kyle NYC

Nice little capsule… still waiting on the restock of the Life Capsule, do you know and inside info?

Ao Im

Hows the o ring for this?


I have a very similar capsule made of titanium and it is about the same size. Costs $10 more though…

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