///   The Cost of Living at Home is More Than Traveling The World

Bali Ferry to Nusa Lembongan Island, Indonesia /// VinjatekEveryday life is expensive. The short holidays and vacations we take to get away from it is even more expensive. But a nomadic lifestyle is often less costly.

To the wanderlusted, happiness, no, true happiness can definitively be bought with money. You don’t have to be wealthy to obtain it. If you can support yourself, than you can travel the world.

-John Cain

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Traveling around the world is on many people’s life bucket lists that’s frequently dreamed about but rarely accomplished due to the number 1 killer of dreams… The lack of money.

In these modern times with cheap airfares and inexhaustible resources on the web, long term world travel by way of ‘backpacking‘ is variably cheaper than living a normal life back at home.

That is of course if you’re from a western country, have your own place, pay your own bills and work a steady job – a functional and self-sufficient person.

So for many of us, money is more of an excuse than an actual setback to travel the world. In comparison, with a year of planning and saving, you can undoubtedly pay through a round the world journey spanning a year.

Interestingly, or even ironically, less money is required to be out in the world than it is to be away from it.

Bali Ferry to Nusa Lembongan Island, Indonesia /// Vinjatek

Bali Ferry to Nusa Lembongan Island, Indonesia

Costs of a Normal Home Lifestyle //

-Rent or Mortgage, Contractual and Significant Part of Income

-Monthly Bills; Internet, Power, Water, Cable, Gym, Cellular, Cards

-Car Payments + Insurance or Public Transportation Memberships


Costs of a World Travel Lifestyle //

-Hostels, Couchsurfing, Camping and Sometimes Hotels

-Monthly Bills; Cellular, Cards

-Flights, Rentals and Public Transportation

Even with strategic budgeting, high costs for certain things will be unavoidable in certain countries, even if you’re from an “expensive city”. For example, I live in Manhattan where almost everything costs more there than in most other parts of the world, yet I was shocked at the higher costs in Tokyo.

However, travelers from high cost cities like New York, London, Singapore, Sydney or Zurich, the rest of the world is widely cheaper, even as a tourist.

The real differences begin in places like South East Asia where a quality, authentic and full meal goes for what you’d pay for a decent cup of coffee back home.

It’s not just about the tangible cost of things.

Traveling the world for an extended time can teach you to become more savvy and budget conscious with money. As a backpacker you’ll discover countless ways others stretch and save money from around the world, master the art of haggling and hone the skill of monetary valuation.

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