///   The Beautiful and Endless Cycle of Wanderlust

Island Hopping the Gili Islands in Indonesia // VinjatekWanderlust is an irrationally intense desire to travel to achieve a level of satisfaction that forever increases the closer we get to it.

Wanderlust is a beautiful and endless cycle but it’s never enough…

– John Cain

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The more we travel, the more we want to travel and eventually, the more we need to travel. Like a narcotic, the more we do, the more we need just to be level.

There is no cure but a treatment for wanderlust does exist… more travel and exploration then repeat.

A beautiful and endless cycle.

Once you have the “wanderlust”, there is no end. You have to live with it. But it’s a happy addiction, a positive infection. Something you don’t want going away.

Similar to smokers and alcoholics, you can’t possibly understand the power of wanderlust unless you have it yourself. But unlike a negative addiction, the side effects are pleasant; daydreaming and euphoria.

The pursuit of wanderlusting may be an insatiable act but that doesn’t make it a meaningless one.

Island Hopping the Gili Islands in Indonesia // Vinjatek

Wanderlust at Gili Islands in Indonesia //

Wanderlust does more than make us want to just travel. It drives us to explore and discover the world, people, experiences and in turn, ourselves.

Wanderlust is incurable…

-Mark Jenkins

This is wanderlust, a beautiful and endless cycle.

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