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“I follow lots of military life hacking and urban survival training blogs but Vinjatek is by far the most useful for anytime, anywhere… Not just for combat or defense.”

-Aaron Fields

“Very knowledgeable about on the-go-living and thriving not just surviving.”

-Ronnie White

“How to live my normal life with the tradecraft skills of a covert operator. Sign me up.”

-Matt Kepnes

“Some of the most strategic concepts for living a more tactical life. Can’t find this kind of info anywhere else.”

-Alicia Elle

“Best info you can have today! Learned so much from this smart man.”

-Rich Russel

“Awesome website I want it all! Everything about it is cool it has everything you need for a thrilling lifestyle that I hope to be able to enjoy one day.”

-Zach Childers

“Finally. An urban survival guide with CIA tradecraft training that I can use for ordinary daily life, not just disaster, TEOTWAWKI and life threatening situations. Street smarts!”

-George Diaz

“Travel, gear, and lifestyle intel for the discerning nomad!”

-Ronin Rankine

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