Hacking The Proof of Onward Travel Requirement

Hacking The Proof of Onward Travel Requirement /// VinjatekIn some countries using certain airlines, you can be denied entry without having proof of onward travel, this is how to hack that requirement.

[ October 10 2016 ]         DATA, HACKS, TRAVEL

My Trick to Getting Out of Bed Swiftly

Waking up in The Amazon Jungle /// VinjatekWaking up is nothing as it’s effortless, but actually getting out of bed and starting the day can be a long, wasteful and difficult process… never again.

[ April 18 2015 ]         DATA, HACKS, TIPS

The Visa Run

Visa Run From Thailand to Laos via The Mekong River /// VinjatekA “visa run” is a loophole travel hack allowing a foreigner to stay in certain countries well beyond the “legal” limit or even indefinitely, legally.

[ March 24 2015 ]         DATA, GUIDES, HACKS, TRAVEL