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Ask: How Much of Each Article of Clothing do You Pack For Vagabonding?

Ask John V Cain /// VinjatekASK is a series of posts answering questions asked by readers about the vagabonding operative lifestyle. Contact me to ask your own.

[ July 02 2015 ]         ASK, CLOTHING, DATA, LIFESTYLE

Urban Camouflage as a Traveler

Gangnam (Style) District Street in Korea // VinjatekUrban camouflage isn’t about blending into the physical city around you but to appear as if you’re from and belong there like a local.

[ August 20 2014 ]         CLOTHING, DATA, SURVIVAL, TACTICAL

Vagabonding Clothing (Basics) Guide

Vagabonding Clothing Concept - VinjatekThe active and adventurous nature of the vagabonding + world travel lifestyle requires a certain approach to everyday wear. – #menswear

[ June 11 2014 ]         CLOTHING, DATA, GUIDES

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