SPNB /// LALO Tactical
SPNB /// Goruck
SPNB /// NordVPN


Affiliate Link Disclosure /// Vinjatek


NordVPN /// VinjatekI have all my devices utilizing this VPN. They are essentially the best available for civilian who take internet privacy and freedom seriously.

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Tor Browser

Strategic Uses of The Darknet /// Vinjatek This is the software I use for the darknet as well as secure and anonymous browsing for the clear web. Available for android and desktop.

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Passport This is the official US Department of State website. I check here to see the latest VISA requirements for the countries I’m visiting.

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Southeast Asia Sleeper Bus Ride in Cambodia, Vietnam, Thailand, Laos /// Vinjatek This is how I book most of my long distance bus / train rides throughout South East Asia for visa runs, border crossings and cross country.

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Triple Aught Design

Triple Aught Design /// Vinjatek My go-to brand for much of my clothing, backpacks and EDC items. High-end goods at a premium price but solidly built in America.

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Airbnb I occasionally hostel for social purposes but it’s local homes I stay at most as a vagabond. Claim my $40 voucher to stay anywhere.

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Kiwi My search for flights ALWAYS starts here. Along with offering the best prices, their flight by month research feature is amazing.

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Man in Seat 61

Trans-Siberian Railway Train /// VinjatekOperated by Mark Smith, this is the most comprehensive resource for train and ferry travel covering most of the world.

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Hostelworld /// Vinjatek The best and in a way, the only way to book hostels. Regardless of the lack of competition, they have excellent service and usability.

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Vollebak Makers of the most advanced and innovative technical apparel ever. They make my favorite t-shirt of all time, the ‘Condition Black’.

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LALO Tactical

LALO Tactical Footwear /// Vinjatek Makers of the ultimate tactical / adventure boot, the Shadow Amphibian, now my favorite footwear – along with their sneakers.

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Goruck /// Vinjatek Known for their bomb-proof backpacks, I’ve recently adopted their windbreaker and hat to great satisfaction. All made in the USA.

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Agoda 8 out of 10 times I need to book a hotel, I use these guys. Almost always the best price, great service and a nice points system.

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Budget Your Trip

Foreign CurrencyUseful web tool that dynamically and comprehensively calculates the cost of living / traveling for your chosen city.

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Eco Hostel at Gili Meno Island, Indonesia /// VinjatekMost of my photos, documents and other digital data is automatically uploaded to this cloud, synced and secured.

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