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Evasive Self-Defense Guide For The Untrained Traveling Abroad

Ghetto in Seoul, South Korea /// VinjatekBasic tactics for evading imminent threats as an untrained differs from the highly trained but the mindset remains the same while abroad.

[ April 11 2014 ]         DATA, GUIDES, SURVIVAL

FAST Pack Litespeed Backpack

FAST Pack Litespeed Backpack by Triple Aught Design // VinjatekI’m a vagabond traveling the world indefinitely as a lifestyle and for all intents and purposes, am living out of my backpack. No gear is more vital.

[ April 03 2014 ]         DATA, EDC, GEAR

How to Adapt + Blend in While Traveling Abroad

John V Cain in Amsterdam, Netherlands /// VinjatekPersistent travel means consistently new environments and foreign cultures – the ability to adapt and blend in are vital to be an effective vagabond.

[ March 18 2014 ]         DATA, HACKS, TIPS, TRAVEL


Karambite by Max Venom /// VinjatekAs a vagabond I’m constantly facing new and exotic parts of the world, many with unpredictable potential dangers with varying knife laws.

[ March 13 2014 ]         DATA, EDC, GEAR, SURVIVAL

Conceal + Secure Access to Money as a Vagabond

Passport and Money /// VinjatekKeeping your money safe should be a passively habitual practice. When traveling abroad, protecting your money is a more active process…

[ March 11 2014 ]         DATA, GUIDES, HACKS, MONEY

The Danger of Humans While Traveling Abroad

Dangerous Humans in Taipei, Taiwan /// VinjatekThe world is a beautiful and dangerous place. Of the infinite hazards that can strike at any moment, the danger from each other is often the worst of it.

[ February 07 2014 ]         DATA, PHILOSOPHY, SURVIVAL, TRAVEL

TIHK : The Tiny Inconspicuous Handcuff Key

TIHK : Tiny Inconspicuous Handcuff KeyThe TIHK is a nonmetallic covert handcuff keys. Designed to be an invisible tool to escape illegal detainment- kidnappings and unlawful arrests.

[ January 24 2014 ]         DATA, EDC, GEAR, HACKS, SURVIVAL

The Vagabonding Operative Lifestyle and Tactics Site

Gili Air Island Bungalow, Indonesia /// VinjatekVinjabond is a focus on a more decisive and deliberate way of life through tacticalism, nomadism, minimalism and survivalism.

[ June 20 2013 ]         DATA