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SPNB /// LALO Tactical
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100 Deadly Skillset Book /// SPN

800 Days With The LALO Shadow Amphibian Boots

LALO Shadow Amphibian Boots Wear and Tear /// VinjatekFor over 114 weeks I’ve been wearing these boots almost everyday around the world in every terrain and I can’t imagine using any other footwear.

[ August 04 2019 ]         DATA, GEAR

Vollebak 100 Year Pants

Vollebak 100 Year Pants /// The Gear List    [BUY]     The Vollebak 100 Year Pants are accurately named as they’re designed to outlast you. Comfortable yet windproof, water repellent, breathable and fireproof.

[ July 07 2019 ]        

Nitecore P18 Futuristic Flashlight

Nitecore P18 Flashlight /// The Gear List    [BUY]     The Nitecore P18 is an innovative tactical flashlight with futuristic features. It’s extremely powerful for an “EDC” with defense capabilities.

[ May 31 2019 ]        

Hinderer Investigator Tactical Pen

Hinderer Investigator Tactical Pen /// The Gear List    [BUY]     The Hinderer Investigator Tactical Pen is a high-end close quarters combat capable writing device. Made for striking, great for writing. @img

[ May 25 2019 ]        

FAB-Defense Gotcha Tactical Cap

FAB-Defense Gotcha Tactical Cap /// The Gear List    [BUY]     The FAB-Defense Gotcha Tactical Hat is a low profile baseball cap style headwear with a defense weapon integrated into the brim for fast deployment.

[ April 23 2019 ]        

FLIR Scout TK Thermal Monocular

FLIR Scout TK Pocket Thermal Monocular /// The Gear List    [BUY]     The FLIR Scout TK is a pocket-sized thermal vision monocular for adventure and tactical applications; surveillance, security, survival, hunting, camping, etc.

[ April 23 2019 ]        

Raidops T.U.T BEAST Axe

Raidops T.U.T BEAST Axe /// The Gear List    [BUY]     The Raidops T.U.T BEAST is an innovative and over-engineered tactical axe. Also part multi-tool and crowbar with a removal blade and tungsten tips.

[ April 17 2019 ]        

The Dynamis Blade

The Dynamis Blade /// The Gear List    [BUY]     The Dynamis Blade by Dynamis Alliance is the finest mid-sized fixed combat knife money can buy. Made by and for warriors in the field and for everyday life.

[ April 17 2019 ]        

SPN /// Optics Planet
100 Deadly Skillset Book /// SPN

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SPN /// Optics Planet
100 Deadly Skillset Book /// SPN

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