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Vinjatek Gear For Sale

Vinjatek Gear For Sale // Zero Halliburton Attaché and Triple Aught Design FAST Pack Scout Prototype /// VinjatekSeparate from the EDC kit shop and urban survival equipment list page, this is actual gear that I’ve previously equipped that’s now available for sale.

[ October 22 2019 ]         DATA, GEAR, LOADOUTS, WEAPONOLOGY

Swiss Advance Crono N5

Swiss Advance Crono N5 /// The Gear List    [BUY]     The Swiss Advance Crono N5 is an ultra minimal take on Swiss Army Knives. Also Swiss made, these include 11 tools in a flat profile made from German steel.

[ April 24 2019 ]        

Outdoor Element Firebiner

Outdoor Element Firebiner /// The Gear List    [BUY]     The Outdoor Element Firebiner is a unique carabiner designed for wilderness survival: fire-starting. Also part multi-tool with 6 functions.

[ April 23 2019 ]        

FLIR Scout TK Thermal Monocular

FLIR Scout TK Pocket Thermal Monocular /// The Gear List    [BUY]     The FLIR Scout TK is a pocket-sized thermal vision monocular for adventure and tactical applications; surveillance, security, survival, hunting, camping, etc.

[ April 23 2019 ]        

THYRM PyroVault Lighter Armor

THYRM PyroVault Lighter Armor /// Vinjatek    [BUY]     The THYRM PyroVault is a ruggedized and waterproof case for lighters or as a small survival kit / pill stash. Fluid, fast and easy one-handed operation.

[ April 15 2019 ]        

High Camp Halflight 375 Flask

High Camp Halflight 375 Flask /// Gear List    [BUY]     The High Camp Halflight 375 Flask is a premium, modern and ruggedized vacuum insulated tumblr flask with a magnetic locking mechanism.

[ April 06 2019 ]        

Goal Zero Nomad 7 Plus Solar Panel

Goal Zero Nomad 7 Plus Solar Panel /// The Gear List    [BUY]     The Goal Zero Nomad 7 Plus is a high-end, portable solar panel charging device that’s universal with USB devices. Mobile, rugged and modular.

[ February 24 2019 ]        

GEAR + LOADOUT ///      

[ February 08 2019 ]        

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100 Deadly Skillset Book /// SPN
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