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Quote: “The secret of getting ahead is getting started…

Mark TwainThis is a series of posts of curated quotes to inspire a more strategic, enlightened and focused way of being – professionally and for life.

[ March 28 2019 ]         DATA, LIFESTYLE

Don’t Let Time Get Away From You

Exploring the Sand Dunes of Mui Ne in Vietnam at Sunrise /// VinjatekTime is the driving force of every aspect of our lives. Our ideas, decisions and future depend on it. We are its bitch, but we can’t let it get away from us.

[ January 04 2019 ]         DATA, LIFESTYLE

The Sleepless Elite

Chilling on a hammock in a bungalow in Vietnam /// VinjatekImagine what more you can learn, experience and accomplish with 16 percent more life to live, that is the way of the sleepless elite.

[ December 19 2018 ]         DATA, LIFE TACTICS, LIFESTYLE

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