SPNB /// Goruck
SPNB /// Optics Planet Tactical and Survival Gear
SPNB /// LALO Tactical
Yomp Notes /// SPN

Nomad Guide: Pre-Departure Minimizations

FAST Pack EDC Backpack at Ngurah Rai Airport in Bali, Indonesia /// VinjatekThis is a series of continuous posts of guides, hacks and tips on the vagabonding lifestyle and nomadic methodology. -view all vagabond guides

[ July 14 2017 ]         DATA, GUIDES, LIFESTYLE, MINIMALISM

The Cost of a Modern Nomadic Lifestyle

Passport and Money /// VinjatekThis is the annual cost concept of living and operating as a modern nomad with moderate (world) travel and minimal luxuries.

[ March 22 2017 ]         DATA, LIFESTYLE, MINIMALISM, MONEY

A Life of Minimalism is a Way to Live at Maximum

Island Hopping The Gili's in Indonesia /// VinjatekAs a vagabond and digital nomad, I don’t live with bare minimums but with bare maximums, this is how I live my life at its maximum.

[ August 09 2015 ]         DATA, LIFESTYLE, MINIMALISM

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