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Scrubba MINI: Washing Machine

Scrubba MINI: Washing Machine /// The Gear List    [BUY]     The Scrubba MINI is the world’s smallest yet highly effective washing machine that fits in your pocket. Designed for travel, survival and off-grid scenarios.

[ May 10 2019 ]        

How to Live Out of a Backpack: Laundry

Survival Go-Bag /// VinjatekThis is a series of posts about ‘how to live out of a backpack’ as a vagabond, minimalist, nomad, expat, traveler or for everyday life as a lifestyle.

[ December 15 2015 ]         CLOTHING, DATA

Ask: How Much of Each Article of Clothing do You Pack For Vagabonding?

Ask John V Cain /// VinjatekASK is a series of posts answering questions asked by readers about the vagabonding operative lifestyle. Contact me to ask your own.

[ July 02 2015 ]         ASK, CLOTHING, DATA, LIFESTYLE

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