100+ Skills to be a Masterful Man

Ngurah Rai Airport in Bali, Indonesia /// VinjatekThis is one hundred plus skills, skill sets and life tactics to become a masterful man. A man enhanced, evolved and above the rest – including oneself.

[ October 26 2016 ]         DATA, LIFESTYLE, LIST

3 Rock Tracks to Listen to While Road Tripping

Driving over the Susquehanna River in Maryland /// VinjatekSongs have a way of briefly transporting us to a different world, while resting, partying and definitely driving to different worlds.

[ February 13 2016 ]         DATA

How to Live an Interesting Life

The Floating Village of Siem Reap, Cambodia /// VinjatekForgive me for boasting but I’m here to tell you how to live an interesting life. This base concept of living is simple and anyone can live it.

[ January 01 2015 ]         ADVENTURE, DATA, GUIDES, LIFESTYLE