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6 Life Lessons I’ve Learned Traveling The World

On a Hammock at Swimming Lake Restaurant in Battambang, Cambodia /// VinjatekSchool gives us the foundation to survive this world, university gives us skill sets to thrive in this world and traveling the actual world gives us everything else.

[ September 25 2018 ]         DATA, LIST, PHILOSOPHY, TRAVEL

Getting Lost to Find Your Way Vagabonding

Endless Rice Paddy Field in Vietnam /// VinjatekIf life is a journey… then it’s not a straight line. There are turns, detours, bumps and backtracks. As with vagabonding, getting lost is part of it.

[ September 20 2018 ]         DATA, PHILOSOPHY, TRAVEL

Evasive Self-Defense Guide For The Untrained [updated]

Ghetto in Seoul, South Korea /// VinjatekBasic tactics for evading imminent threats as an untrained differs from the highly trained but the mindset remains the same while abroad. [img]

[ September 06 2018 ]         DATA, GUIDES, SURVIVAL, TACTICAL, TRADECRAFT

Today’s World Is Smaller, So Step All Over It

On The Peak of Busan Mountain, Korea /// VinjatekBoundless airport connections with cheap flights, the internet with vast information and mobile technology within our palms make the world a…

[ November 12 2017 ]         DATA, PHILOSOPHY, TRAVEL

How to Live Out of a Backpack: Seasonal Kits

Survival Go-Bag /// VinjatekThis is a series of posts about ‘how to live out of a backpack’ as a vagabond, minimalist, nomad, expat, traveler or for everyday life as a lifestyle.

[ September 09 2016 ]         DATA, DIGITAL NOMAD, GUIDES

Long-Haul Flight Survival Guide

A Black Sunrise Over Paradise During Flight /// VinjatekSurvival is the method of making the best of an arduous or dangerous situation, like flying commercial for extended periods of time.

[ March 02 2016 ]         DATA, GUIDES, SURVIVAL, TRAVEL

SPN /// Svorn Arcus Carabiner
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100 Deadly Skillset Book /// SPN

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100 Deadly Skillset Book /// SPN
SPN /// Svorn Arcus Carabiner
SPN /// Optics Planet

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