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Life Tactics: Weak Hand Optimization

Taipei 101 Tower, Taiwan /// VinjatekLife Tactics is a series of compact posts about my methods, tricks and hacks for everyday life, professional trades and vagabonding.

[ March 30 2017 ]         DATA, HACKS

6 Effortless Ways to Optimize Your Body Everyday

One Handed Pushup /// VinjatekCasual actions and variations of everyday motions that can incrementally but definitively optimize your body, without trying too hard.

[ February 22 2016 ]         DATA, GUIDES, LIFESTYLE, LIST

Keeping Fit While Traveling The World as a Lifestyle

Selfie at Kuta Beach on Lombok Island - VINJABONDAs vagabonding is a lifestyle of world travel, it’s just as important to stay physically fit as it is in any other way of living.

[ March 24 2014 ]         DATA, LIFESTYLE, TIPS, TRAVEL