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Magpul DAKA Window Document Pouch

The Gear List /// Magpul DAKA Window Document Pouch    [BUY]     The Magpul DAKA Window Document Pouch is a specialized version of the DAKA pouches. Made from extremely rugged materials and craftsmanship to match.

[ November 19 2018 ]        

Cocoon Grid-It Organizer

Gear Shop /// Cocoon Grid-It Organizer    [BUY]     A unique rubberized woven elastic retention system for gear organization for within a bag for ultimate EDC setups and hyper-organized packing systems.

[ May 15 2017 ]        

ITS Tactical ETA Pouch

Gear Shop /// ITS Tactical ETA Pouch Tallboy    [BUY]   &nbsp The ITS ETA Pouch is a specialized but highly versatile modular pouch built for fast access to specific kits. Works perfectly with MOLLE or belt.

[ November 01 2016 ]        

ZPacks Cuben Fiber Zip Pouch : Review

- Cuben Fiber Travel Zip Pouch by ZPacks -An overbuilt pocket-sized EDC travel zip pouch that’s as light as a feather but tougher than leather and a protector against bad weather.

[ November 06 2015 ]         DATA, GEAR

20$Bandit Kit Pouches : Review

20$Bandit EDC Gear Pouches /// VinjatekWhether used as bags within bags or pockets within pockets, these are organizational carry powerhouses for EDC and packing lists.

[ December 15 2014 ]         DATA, EDC, GEAR, SURVIVAL

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