SPNB /// LALO Tactical
SPNB /// Goruck
SPNB /// NordVPN

CRKT Tactical Key

Gear Shop /// CRKT Tactical Key    [BUY]     While not an actual key, it serves secondary as a screwdriver and primary as a self-defense tool that you can add to as part of your keychain and EDC carry.

[ May 11 2018 ]        

Muncher: Titanium Multi-Utensil

Gear Shop /// Muncher: Titanium Multi-Utensil    [BUY]     The greatest spork ever made, but it’s more than that, it’s also the multi-tool of utensils, hence “multi-utensil”. Made from solid aerospace titanium.

[ February 18 2018 ]        

Exotac FreeKey System

Gear Shop /// Exotac FreeKey System    [BUY]     The Exotac FreeKey System is a leap in reinvention of the eponymous keyring. Making keychain use and setups super fast, painlessly and efficiently.

[ November 16 2017 ]        

Cocoon Grid-It Organizer

Gear Shop /// Cocoon Grid-It Organizer    [BUY]     A unique rubberized woven elastic retention system for gear organization for within a bag for ultimate EDC setups and hyper-organized packing systems.

[ May 15 2017 ]        

Goruck GR Echo Rucksack

Gear Shop /// Goruck GR Echo Rucksack    [BUY]     A MIL-Spec low profile 16 liter non-tactical looking tactical backpack built as tough as possible in the United States. A compact and ruggedized rucksack.

[ May 15 2017 ]        

Zero Tolerance 0350TSST Knife

Gear Shop /// Zero Tolerance 0350TSST Knife    [BUY]     One of the best valued high-end knives, the ZT 0350TSST has been widely tested on the field by operators and survivalists the world over.

[ May 06 2017 ]        

Thyrm CellVault Storage Device

Gear Shop /// Thyrm CellVault Storage Device    [BUY]     A tough and agile capsule container designed for MOLLE attachment and other modular and custom EDC methods and dynamic pack carry.

[ April 22 2017 ]        

Duraflex Slik Clips

Gear Shop /// Duraflex Slik Clips    [BUY]     The highly useful and once rare webbing device for various attachment purposes and repurposing; strap management, gear mods and creative fixes.

[ April 22 2017 ]        

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