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[R]   The 4 Types of Self-Defense Engagement Responses

The 4 Types of Self-Defense Engagement Levels in an Urban Alleyway /// VinjatekIn any given self-defense situation where a crucial action is necessary, it will always be executed by these (levels) types of engagement responses:

[ October 11 2019 ]         DATA, RESTRICTED, SURVIVAL, TACTICAL

Undetectable SERE + CQC System

Undetectable SERE + CQC System Everyday Carry Kit /// VinjatekAn ultra-minimal yet highly impactive EDC concept for close quarters combat, escape and entry functions in a search and scan resistant system.

[ September 14 2019 ]         DATA, GEAR, TRADECRAFT, WEAPONOLOGY

Urban Survival Guide: Post-Route Mental Street Mapping

Hanoi Train Street in Vietnam /// VinjatekThis is a part of a series of posts about urban survival. Guides, skills, tips and gear for travel, crises and everyday life. – view all survivalist posts

[ July 11 2019 ]         DATA, SURVIVAL, TRADECRAFT

[R]   ‘Shedding Skin’: Active Urban Camouflage Tactic

On Line at Bánh Mì Huỳnh Hoa in Saigon, Vietnam /// VinjatekA standard “disguise-shift” for escape and evasion in busy urban environments. Always on standby when applied – to activate on the fly as needed.


Vigilant Gear Micro SERE Kit 2.0

Vigilant Gear Micro SERE Kit 2.0 /// The Gear List    [BUY]     The Vigilant Gear Micro SERE Kit 2.0 is a fully equipped yet compact escape and evasion / entry system. For selective and individual tool carry or boxed.

[ May 26 2019 ]        

[R]   Block Traffic Disruption Control

URBEX Underpass in Bangkok, Thailand /// VinjatekAn on-site, physical (analog) hack of modern transport infrastructures to manipulate the traffic patterns to a halt of an entire city block.

[ February 11 2019 ]         DATA, HACKS, RESTRICTED, TRADECRAFT

Covert SERE Escape Bracelet

Covert SERE Escape Survival Bracelet Titanium /// VinjatekA working titanium prototype restraint escape bracelet. Intended to be worn overtly like jewelry but concealed for its purpose and metal detection.

[ December 21 2018 ]         DATA, GEAR, SURVIVAL, TRADECRAFT

*OPS: The Warfare Ruin Hotel

John V Cain /// OPS // Vinjatek*OPS is a series of posts possibly about my experiences as a (former) covert operative. Edited, altered, fictional and or true accounts of events.

[ December 14 2018 ]         DATA, OPS, TACTICAL, TRADECRAFT

100 Deadly Skillset Book /// SPN
SPN /// Optics Planet

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SPN /// Optics Planet
100 Deadly Skillset Book /// SPN

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