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Black Scout Survival Concealment Belt : Review

Black Scout Survival Concealment Belt /// VinjatekThe Black Scout Concealment Belt looks like other high-end Cobra equipped tactical belts but this is the one I wear for its special hidden utility.


[ October 25 2017 ]         CLOTHING, DATA, GEAR

Menswear: Technical / Tactical Casual

Menswear: Technical / Tactical Casual // VinjatekThis is a part of a series of menswear guide posts of my personal outfits and apparel setups for specific scenarios and daily wear.


[ September 02 2017 ]         CLOTHING, DATA, GEAR, LIFESTYLE

TravelKit EDC Belt Pouch : Review

Urban Tool TravelKit EDC Belt Pouch /// VinjatekThe supreme convenience and functionality of a fanny pack with the added benefit of not being one and looking damn good while doing it.


[ September 29 2015 ]         DATA, GEAR

The Dynamis Low Pro Belt : Review

Dynamis Low Pro Belt /// VinjatekAptly named, this is a minimalistic everyday wear belt that’s visually and fitted low profile with tactical and EDC capabilities: Dynamis Belt.


[ October 11 2014 ]         CLOTHING, DATA, EDC, GEAR