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The Worldwide Scavenger Hunt For Vinjatek Go-Bags

Vinjatek Go-Bag in Guangzhou, China ///I have survival / tactical / bug out / life kit go-bags stashed all over the world and I’m giving away 15 of them… It’s yours, if you can find them. -VIP updates


[ July 30 2017 ]         DATA, GEAR, SURVIVAL

Assets: Non-Associate Human Sources

Thailand Train Conductor Asset /// VinjatekThese are clandestine and unconnected persons who provide information and or services for a variety of personal benefits.


[ February 28 2015 ]         DATA, HACKS, INTEL, RESTRICTED

A Day in The Life of a Vagabond: Bangkok

A Day in The Life of a Vagabond: Bangkok /// VinjatekThis is a continuous series of posts about random, nonspecific but typical days in the life of my vagabonding lifestyle. –view all days


[ August 14 2014 ]         A DAY, DATA, DESTINATIONS, URBEX

Bong Hits With The Train Conductor en Route to Bangkok

Bong Hits and The Train Conductor to Bangkok, Thailand /// VInjatekNot even in Amsterdam or Colorado could you take bong hits with the train conductor while they’re on the job conducting in transit.


[ February 03 2014 ]         DATA, DESTINATIONS, TRAVEL, TRAVELOGUE