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[ February 08 2019 ]        

Nomad Guide: Pack 2 Bags Expecting to Lose 1

Vagabonding Packing List Loadout /// VinjatekThis is a series of continuous posts of guides, hacks and tips on the vagabonding lifestyle and nomadic methodology. -view all nomad guides

[ January 05 2019 ]         DATA, GEAR

Arcteryx Arro 22 Backpack

Gear Shop /// Arcteryx Arro 22 Backpack    [BUY]     The Arcteryx made Arro 22 backpack is a high-end performance technical and speed mobility pack for the ultralight operator, traveler or adventurer.

[ October 16 2018 ]        

Overland Border Visa Run: Loadout

Overland Border Visa Run: Loadout /// VinjatekThis is a series of posts about my select, ever-changing and adapting packing lists and loadouts for specific tasks, events and journeys.

[ July 23 2018 ]         DATA, GEAR, LOADOUTS, TRAVEL

FAST Pack Litespeed Backpack : Review

FAST Pack Litespeed Backpack by Triple Aught Design // VinjatekI’m a vagabond traveling the world indefinitely as a lifestyle and for all intents and purposes, am living out of my backpack. No gear is more vital.

[ April 03 2014 ]         DATA, GEAR, TACTICAL