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Code Security Status Laptop /// VinjatekThis is a notification on the security and uptime status of Vinjatek dot com. There was no breach or hack but it was down due to maintenance.

There is no such thing as perfect security, only varying levels of insecurity.

-Salman Rushdie

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Security Status /// VinjatekThis website was down intermittently for the past 48 hours. You may have encountered the following warning; “This connection is not secure. This website may be impersonating “vinjatek.com” to steal your personal or financial information. You should go back to the previous page.”

Fortunately that was not the case. I was installing a firewall and adding a content delivery system (CDN) to this site. It took longer than expected but it’s complete now. After propagation, it should be operating faster and more securely.

There was no attack and therefore no breach of any kind. So no data was compromised.

I’d like to thank some of you fine readers that alerted me out of concern, much appreciated.

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