///   *Secrets and Confidential Intel

Redacted Secret Document /// VinjatekDue to security concerns and specified requests from my former employer, the Secrets page and Confidential Intel have been terminated, indefinitely.

You can have data without information, but you cannot have information without data.

-Daniel Keys Moran

Affiliate Link Disclosure /// Vinjatek

Due to the nature of some of the subject matter of this site, I have to run select articles past my former employer before it can be publicly published, especially for the premium Pro Membership content.

“They” don’t tell me what to write or have any influence in what I write. But I do send them a draft on the more sensitive articles, then they give me a recommendation. Despite it being contractual, I also do it out of respect and common sense.

It’s difficult. It’s frustrating. I have to leave out so much, often the key element or the kicker of an article. Or there’s just something so profound I want share but it’s just not right, safe, legal or the right time.

But to be honest, I also intentionally hold a lot back – keeping particular knowledge that can in fact be published with no issues to myself, for now. I do this because I’m not a very good writer or teacher – not yet at least. And over time, once I become a better wordsmith, then I can convey my message and ideas to you so much better.

Secondly, I plan on operating this site until I’m an old man. Perhaps even as, as it will evolve and progress as I age with it. I’m not the most clever bastard or was I the best at what I used to do, but I do have a unique skillset with an interestingly trained mindset. I like to learn everyday but that doesn’t mean I have endless caches of knowledge to spit out, therefore I’m spitting it out slowly over time. Slow burn.

Redacted Secret Document /// Vinjatek

So the Secrets page that was live for a short while is gone. The contents in it while technically publicly viewable, is still sensitive and I say “technical” because it can legally be viewed by any eyes but isn’t available publicly. However, I will integrate the data from what would have been the Secrets page into regular articles, so it’s better usable and actionable.

Confidential Intel is now Restricted Intel, it’s merely a name change. Same content and still only for Pro Members. Terminating Secrets made it logical to remove the term “Confidential”.

Stick with me fellas and ladies. Times change, politics shift, NDA’s expire, and I’ll get more comfortable and open about shit as I get better at writing.

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