///   ***Cyber Monday + Pro Membership Direct Support Update

Vinjatek Laptop Code This is a message for pro members who use the Direct Support feature + the Cyber Monday half-off-everything for this year for everyone else.

    *Cyber Monday   All pro memberships are 50 perfect off for a very limited time. This includes one-time payments for Lifetime accounts and for the length of entire Subscriptions to lock in those prices for good. Sign up here. Existing pro members who signed up within the last 72 hours of this email will also receive these deals, but not after this sale ends – not until next year’s holiday season.

    *Direct Support   It’s my intent to answer every single message from you pro members using this feature, but I often get inundated with messages. So, if I don’t answer you within 3 days, send me another message… and another. Don’t worry about spamming or annoying me, because you’re not and you won’t. That’s what I’m here for. In fact, if I haven’t replied to you recently, CONTACT ME NOW.

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