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S&S Precision Pocket Shiv Knife // VinjatekWhether designed as a weapon or utility, all knives are tools; combat, cutlery, EDC, survival and some with specialized purposes…


The genesis of the Pocket Shiv was inspired by the crew at S&S, whose daily routine requires almost everyone to have some type of cutting tool.

-S&S Precisionl

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The word “shiv” is slang for improvised knife-like weapons. So almost any object (that’s not a knife) that’s been sharpened with an edge to cut or pierce another object, specifically for impromptu situations and/or when an actual knife is unavailable or not ideal.

The ‘Pocket Shiv’($) is certainly not an improvised makeshift knife but it is for impromptu situations and/or when an actual knife is unavailable or not ideal.

S&S Precision, the creator of the Pocket Shiv specialize in various military accessories but knives are not one of them. In fact, this is their first and only edged tool which is also a new product and it’s impressive.

– Pocket Shiv Sheathed and Taken Apart –

The genesis of the Pocket Shiv was inspired by the crew at S&S, whose daily routine requires almost everyone to have some type of cutting tool.

By design this is a tiny knife, but by great design this is an exemplary knife for those certain situations.

It’s hard to beat the applicability and advantage of a full-sized knife, except where that size is illegal to carry or because it may be socially unacceptable to have such a “menacing” tool visible in plain site.

As a vagabond traveling the world as a lifestyle who’s equipped knives for most of my life, the Pocket Shiv has become an important part of my EDC.

The extremely small but functional size built around highly innovative attachability results in versatile carry options and seamless deployment possibilities.

An inconspicuous tactical knife that doesn’t look like a knife that’s legal for carry in most countries***.

- Hell Fire Knife, Pocket Shiv, TDI Knife -

– Hell Fire Knife, Pocket Shiv, TDI Knife –

Like any good fixed knife, the construction should be elegantly simple and solid. The Pocket Shiv is just stainless steel with rubber overmolded as the handle and the sheath. Basic construction with exceptional design makes this rugged and effective.

The steel of the blade is a standard 440C stainless, something that wouldn’t be used in full sized high-end knives. But it’s perfectly fine metal for such a short cutting edge not intended for heavy duty use.

However, the blade grind and profile is both clever in function and powerful for cutting. The blade is grooved down the center on both sides as a mechanism that lets the rubber sheath slide in and securely lock it in place all the while adding a nice aesthetic look. The cutting edge while tiny, comes factory sharp with a hollow grind in a dagger profile. This allows for more effective piercing and cutting than most other blade types.

Equally brilliant in design to the knife and sheath system of the Pocket Shiv is the MOLLE adapter / clip.

While not exactly a “clip” in the traditional sense, it’s universal to any “Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment” system or attachable to many types of straps and webbings found everywhere.

I have one attached to my custom made SERE survival bracelet and on my tactical belt which is also custom.

It’s rare for knives that require sheaths along with additional components to be this physically, functionally and aesthetically seamless.

The most common factors that make knives illegal for carry around the world is; blades longer than 4″, gravity / automatic opening and knives that are edged on both sides of the blade (daggers). Technically, the Pocket Shiv fits the description of the latter.

That could make it illegal for carry in some regions, but due to the extremely small size it may not be deemed legally as a “dangerous weapon”. Knife laws are nearly universally complex and subject to interpretation of the handling agent / officer. A simple fix would be to dull one side of the bladed edge.

S&S Pocket Shiv Knife // VINJABOND

The Pocket Shiv is one of the most unique and specialized knives in production that may be difficult for most people to find practicality in it. To others it can be a high functioning tool.

Made in the USA // Hollow Grind Dagger // 440C Stainless Steel // Length: 2.82″ // Edge: 1 1/4″ x 2 // Weight: 01.1 oz.

S&S Precision Pocket Shiv // $35+


[Also featured is my custom tactical EDC bracelet and the KA-BAR Hell Fire Knife in the photos.]

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I am so getting this for my daypack, any other colors?


Whoa whoa whoa, the wrist carry is genius. The belt idea is sick to. its like the perfect hidden in plain site carry.


This looks excellent for travel and attaching.

Kyle NYC

Just got my pocket shiv, smaller than I thought but great for minimal edc.


$30 dollars for a pocket shiv? Seriously? I use to like this site…..

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