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- The ZUS by Nonda -The multi-tool of car USB ports that instantly and effortlessly upgrades hoopties to Ferraris into smarter and literally easier on the eyes.


ZUS is a truly smart car charger. It doesn’t only charge up your devices at twice the speed but also finds your car with the iOS and Android ZUS app. Say good-bye to time-consuming searches across large parking lots or endless streets. In terms of quality, the Nonda ZUS is the only car charger that meets US Military Standard.


Nonda ZUS Device /// Vinjabond

You arrive at LaGuardia Airport after a 10 hour flight but the car you reserved is ready in just 10 minutes. All bags in the trunk and before starting the car you plug the ZUS in the cigarette lighter receptacle.

An hour later you finally make it to Manhattan but it’s already nightfall and it’s a Friday night. Driving is a nightmare because, well, it’s New York City and it’s your first time driving with so many maniacs on the streets.

Late for your best friend’s bachelor party at the Sound Factory on 46th and 11th, you decide not to check into your hotel but go straight to the club.

The car’s GPS works like a charm and you arrive but realize there’s no parking. Block after block, no luck.

After passing the club a half dozen times, your friend calls you while still frantically driving around looking for a spot. At party volume, the communication is impossible and extremely distracting but in all the commotion you see an opening with no fire hydrant to “pock block”.

You rev to the spot in disbelief but a parking sign confirms it is indeed parkable, at least until 7am. That gives you just over 6 hours to party then move the car.

360 minutes pass…

The party over and the sun just starting, everyone leaves the club drunk except you because you’re responsible and all that. But then you realize how irresponsible it was to not note where you parked the car in this urban jungle of a parking lot labyrinth.

About to cry, your friends talk about who has the best app for subway directions. Eureka! You just remember you have the Nonda ZUS app that goes with the device.

Just your luck, your iPhone has 2 percent battery left. You turn off data, service, WiFi and dim brightness to conserve power then open the ZUS app.

Automagically like Jack Sparrow’s compass, it points to what you want and need most, your car, including distance and how long ago you parked. Speaking of, you have 5 minutes to move it before it gets towed.

Battery at 1 percent, you have seconds before your phone dies, but the ZUS app says “Your Car is Nearby: Within 40 Feet”. Then your iPhone goes bye bye.

And there it is, the car, 39.9 feet away.

Now relaxed sitting in the car you face another problem. As the best man, lots and lots of photos are expected from you for the after party starting in just a half hour.

No sweat. You plug your iPhone into the ZUS and watch it charge at double speed, right before your eyes.

- ZUS App User Interface on Android -

That’s just one of the countless instances the Nonda ZUS app and device can come in handy.

Sometimes the best tech is the kind you activate once and forget about until you need it. It just works.

I’ve tested the ZUS on my own high-tech Acura MDX 2015 as well as an old-tech Chevy Silverado 1999.

As the ZUS needs just a glimmer of power to work, it works on either vehicle equally flawlessly. As soon as the engine is turned, the ZUS lights up its elegant and functional lights to let you know it’s doing its thang.

When the vehicle parks again, it “tells” your iPhone or Android device its location and time stamp. That’s it. No further button activation or fiddling. Just naturally using your car seamlessly makes the ZUS work its magic. You don’t even have to open the app.

Only when you want to know the direction of your parked car and when it was last parked do you need to open the app, everything is automatic.

The whole system worked perfectly every time with my Xperia Z5 and iPhone 6. On a friend’s Galaxy S5 there was some directional lagging (in mere seconds).

The ZUS device is a precision made quality product. The tech behind it, or more accurately, inside it is cutting-edge and they could have easily built a cheap body to house it and charged the same price. But Nonda went the extra mile and made everything extra nice.

Even while vagabonding, the ZUS will become an indispensable tool for when I need to drive and park in strange and exotic parts of the world.

It’s compact, easy to pack and should work with most of the cars still running on this planet.

- The ZUS by Nonda -

Android, iOS and USB // 2X The Charging Speed // Smart Car Locator // Military Grade Quality // ElegantShine™ Lighting // German Bayer Material

Nonda ZUS /// $59+



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Lori Zabel

Oohhh, I almost backed this when it was on Indiegogo but now I see it’s just $33 bucks! Steal.

Pew Pew Blam

Interesting piece of kit, I can see this as very useful for when I go backpacking into the mountains.

Specialist Zero

Or like the review, perfect for “the morning after” a crazy night of partying in the city.


The tracking is cool but the double fast charging car USB ports are deal sealer for me. I have built in USB slots in my car but it charges my iPhone at like trickle speed.


There is a new Nonda forum, if anyone has question or suggestions, you can contact Nonda team easily.