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- NomadPlus and NomadKey -A smartphone charger that not only charges smartphones but charges itself in a sleek and portable package – the smarter charger.


How many times have you gotten stuck with a low battery in a place with no outlets in sight? With NomadPlus, you’ll never have to worry. There’s an 1800mAh backup battery inside that gives your phone for a quick power boost when you need one.


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NomadPlus for iPhone /// VINJABOND

First world tech problem: Chargers can charge batteries but can’t keep a charge of its own and batteries can keep a charge but can’t charge itself.

The NomadPlus solves this with style and finesse.

If you have an iPhone then you have the incredibly small Apple Power Adapter that it comes with and it works great. But it needs a wall backed with literal power for it to actually charge your iPhone or USB device.

What if there was a way to do just that as well as store enough backup power to fully charge an iPhone?

That’s the idea behind the NomadPlus. It augments the Apple Power Adapter like some sort of power suit as it’s made specifically for each other.

Charging is not limited to iPhones, however. The USB output allows for the charging of most USB enabled devices. Which works with any USB cable, including the NomadKey, made by the very same people.

NomadPlus for iPhone /// VINJABOND

– NomadPlus and NomadKey –

The NomadPlus changes things.

Insert the Apple Power Adapter you already carry into the NomadPlus. Charge it up and forget it. Charge up your iPhone (or any USB device) with the NomadPlus via wall outlet as per usual for normal circumstances. Use the backup power stored in the NomadPlus for emergencies when a wall outlet is unavailable. Voilà.

It’s small, lightweight and almost fuses with the adapter so 2 pieces of gear becomes into a single powerful 1.

As for my minimalist vagabonding lifestyle packing list, it will be a part of it for as long as I use USB devices, iPhones or otherwise. So basically, forever.

In fact, the NomadPlus is the best tech / smartphone companion accessory since the Hitcase.

5.3cm x 5.3cm x 3.1cm // Bayer Polycarbonate // 1800 mAH Charge Capacity // Lithium Ion Battery Type

NomadPlus /// $10+


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Lori Zabel

Sooooooo getting this.

Masa Onaki

The picture makes it look like it was just a box for a ring or something lol. But I do like the minimal design of it. Size is nice to.

Specialist Zero

I love how you can make a charger look tactical. Anyways, this is now on my wish list.


I just got the Nomadplus and I love it. Did you have any trouble getting the adaptor out?


I love the look and size of it but wish it stored more power, regardless its a great product.