“My Two Greatest Assets Have Been Mental Stability and Being, Like, Really Smart… and a Very Stable Genius…

This is a life tactic post inspired by President Trump’s grandiose defense of his deficient mental acuity as described in the scorching Fire and Fury book.

“Be extremely subtle, even to the point of formlessness. Be extremely mysterious, even to the point of soundlessness. Thereby you can be the director of the opponent’s fate.”     -Sun Tzu

This post is impromptu. I didn’t have it scheduled, saved as a draft or have I thought too much about it. I’m just writing blah blah blah, etcetera etcetera as I go along. Just like how Donald J Trump tweets, and also to the terrifying reality that that’s how he also runs the most important office in our dear country.

It’s liberating to do what you want, say what you want and act like you want without thinking about the consequences to oneself and the people it may affect. This wonderfully careless and selfish way of existing is a right usually reserved for small children.

Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House Book /// VinjatekThis may be hypocritical but these words are being written as quickly as the thoughts are materializing. It’s because I was inspired by 45’s tweets just hours earlier.

In the last few days, excerpts of Michael Wolff’s incendiary book surfaced on the web then went viral before its early release 24 hours ago. There’s a long list of negative adjectives and nouns describing Trump but it was how “childish” and “stupid” he was portrayed by so many at the White House that struck the President’s nerve.

Rattling his ego so badly to tweet to his 46 million followers and to the rest of the world this defense:

Donald Trumps is a Genius /// Vinjatek

“…my two greatest assets have been mental stability and being, like, really smart.”

“I went from VERY successful businessman, to top T.V. Star to President of the United States (on my first try).”

***Actually no, this is false as he first tried in 2000. This is rather a calculated lie or a sypmtom of his declined mental acuity.

Donald Trumps is a Genius /// Vinjatek

“I think that would qualify as not smart, but genius….and a very stable genius at that!”

What kind of a person has to yell to the world that they are mentally stable? An insane person.

What king of a person has to yell to the world that they are “like, really smart”? A ditzy high school girl with low intelligence.

What kind of a person has to yell to the world that they are a “very stable genius”? An unstable, insane and ditzy high school girl with low intelligence.

“A true genius admits that he/she knows nothing.”     -Albert Einstein

So why is this a Life Tactics post? Well there’s a few very important life lessons to be learned from today’s actions of the world’s most powerful person.

If you beat an opponent (Hillary) at anything, fairly or not, be a good sportsman.

-As by being the winner, well, you’re the fuc*king winner – that’s awesome. Take the pride and prize and move on. Anything else makes you a weak winner, and that’s worse than being a sore loser.

Don’t broadcast your intelligence or sanity.

-This is particularly bad when you’re lacking in this department. An actual genius doesn’t tell everyone (literally in Trump’s case) that they are a genius any more than a sane person yells how mentally stable they are. It’s the ultimate way to show your insecurity and inferiority. Also, it makes you look like a dumb ass or just bat shit crazy – again, both in Trump’s case. Instead, practice stealth cognizance.

Keep track of your lies.

-We all lie for one reason or another, this is normal human behaviour. But don’t lie if it’s easily refutable, especially on a platform that reaches billions of people. So always recount any past lie that might dispute what you have to say next. Or, just don’t lie to the people you’re leading.

Remember that the internet never forgets.

-Trump’s lies, remarks and decisions are all recorded on the internet. Even if it’s deleted, there will be another copy somewhere else. It is all being collected as historical data for now and future generations to judge not just him, but whatever we may do that’s permanently embedded in the net. So always think twice before posting or commenting on something your girlfriend or mother might not be proud of.

Don’t support Donald Trump.

-It takes an American to understand why another American could have possibly voted for Trump. But now a year has passed and as an American and a patriot, I can’t possibly understand how another American can support him now with all he’s done, or the lack thereof. Forget the past year for a moment and judge Trump by his own words today and you must see he is unfit to be any sort of leader.

I am a Patriot Flag // Vinjatek

“My two greatest assets have been mental stability and being, like, really smart… and a very stable genius…”     -Donald J Trump

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  1. Phil Lacoste Reply

    Great post John, different from your usual but this was enlightening. Also, I picked up the hard copy of the book. First book I bought in many many years.

    • Same, first actual book purchase in years. But I actually got the digital version as well, couldnt wait for my hardcopy lol.

  2. Lori Zabel Reply

    Holy shit, he’s really orange in that photo! Good read John, good life tips without getting too politcal.

  3. Considering our past ‘president’ was not only a socialist but a non-native born citizen of this USA, I’m more proud to be an American with President Trump than any in my lifetime.

    • Ryan Delany Reply

      Ok lets say Obama was a socialist. But where is the proof that his birth certificate was fake other than Trump’s word?

      • that he not only would not release his birth certificate, but that he block all access to all his records from school, college and everything else. what is he hiding? answer = a lot!

        • Even if what you’re saying is accurate, what does that have anyhting to do with Trump tweeting to 46+ million people that he’s mentally stable and also a genius?

  4. Trump Train Go Reply

    How is President Trump not a genious? He became a billionaire starting from scratch from nothing in his pocket. I think that’s crazy smart.

  5. To attack a politician for his personality faults in a forum like this is the sign of an immature, emotional bias. They are all self-serving, morally weak, and “over-educated/under-wise.” (Maybe in Trump’s case: “UNDER-educated/under-wise.”) To point that out is redundant and unnecessary in a non-political forum unless one has an irrational need to share his/her opinion as if it were fact in the hopes of finding community in shared bias. The choice in an election (after the primary) is between the lesser of two evils. Maybe military pay raises, tax reform, and undermining the Republican insider-elites was more important than the veneer of respectable tweeting tendencies. Many had the idea that if their preferred issues are addressed, the tripartite balance of powers at the federal level will ensure the crazy ideas die by the wayside; and that seems to be the case so far.

    Any adult choice in matters such as this involves a compromise. The fact that some adult voters chose to compromise some of their principals when you also had to compromise some of your own principals in choosing your preferred candidate (or if you chose to not vote) should not be a surprise or an issue. Anyone who is a mature adult who actually had the focus necessary to really be an operator in the US military would know that. But some internet personas, like yours I suspect, are adopted for marketing purposes and often are not based fully on reality.

    • The Georgian Reply

      Dude, maybe politics doesn’t belong in a site like this but I think he was just pointing out the lessons we can learn from Trumps irregular decisions.

      But it seems like you went all out on politics after saying politics has no place here, then hyper defending Trump. Defending someone you support is fine but you went a bit nuts.

      Regardless, the American people have every right to question and even judge the men and women that are supposed to serve the American people. And even Trump, as President is a civil servant.

      In anycase, politics aside… Don’t you find some irrational, unhinged and over compensatingly embarrasing message from the tweets that this post was regarding? I mean, he’s the President for god’s sake! That means, his message not only affects himself, but we to the rest of the world. What kind of person in that much power has to tell the world he’s a stable genius and like really smart?

      If i remember correctly, the author was interviewed and he explicitly stated he has never served in the armed forces, he did something else, its on here somewhere as well.

    • Specialist Zero Reply

      He’s not just a politician, he’s the leader of our country. And if his “personality” gets in the way of our well being then damn straight we’re gonna attack him in any legal way we can. Also, he is literallly the most self-serving and morally weak famous person to ever be famed.

  6. Twice Tango Reply

    It’s hard to talk about tRump subjectively but i think you did a good job. What a disgrace.

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